The Top 5 Burger Joints You Must Visit In the USA

When visiting America, you can’t leave without having tried one of the truly American meals – the burger. But you can’t just go anywhere and try any old burger. If you are going to experience the meal properly, you might as well get one of the best ones. So, where do you go, and which burger do you get?

The Emmy Burger – Pizza loves Emily, Brooklyn, New York

This burger is so special that they only make a limited number every night. You can’t make any modifications or substitutions because they know that it is perfect just the way it is and that’s how it should be enjoyed. In-between the two slices of the chewy pretzel bun is a dry-aged beef patty, aged Grafton cheddar cheese, Korean chili sauce and caramelized onions. If you can get your hands on one of these magnificently messy burgers, you’ll be one of the lucky ones.

Single Cheeseburger – Au Chival, Chicago, Illinois

With a steak knife stuck through the centre, even the presentation of this burger is great. This burger, although listed as “Single Cheeseburger” has two patties with pickles, cheese and a wonderful sauce. If you want to add a little something extra you also have the option of adding egg and bacon. As simple as it sounds, this is definitely one to go for if you are in Chicago.

Party Melt Burger – Better Luck Tomorrow, Houston, Texas

This burger is a James Beard Award-winning chef’s burger. It comprises of a juicy beef patty, broiled cheddar cheese, thinly sliced red onions and caramelised onions. Unlike most burgers, this one is served between two slices of home-made bread, made with Parmesan cheese. If you are going for something unique, this is the one to find.

The Deep End – Pool Burger, Austin, Texas

Pool Burger only has 8 burgers on their menu, so you know they mean business with each and every one. They are located inside a 1968 Airstream trailer, giving the whole place an awesome atmosphere. The Deep End burger has 3 patties made from Wagyu beef and is topped with bacon, Swiss cheese, Dijonnaise and jalapeños, giving you the great contrast between soft juicy patty, crunchy textures and a little kick from the jalapeños.

Cozy Burgers – The Cozy Inn, Salina, Kansas

Really simple burgers, these sliders still somehow match up to some of the best burgers out there. Topped with a delicious patty, cheese, sauce and onions it’s not too different from many burgers out there, maybe it’s the way they cook it or there’s something special in their sauce. Either way, these little burgers are incredible.

Whether you like small and simple, or big and messy, there is a burger for everyone somewhere in America, you just have to find it. Take your pick from the list above and you are guaranteed to have a wonderful experience eating your truly American burger. Book your accommodation and travel insurance with

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