About Us

Roaming sucks, being ripped off because you are a tourist sucks more. If only you could get treated like a local!

That’s the problem we set out to solve back in 2009, ahead of the South African FIFA world cup in 2010. Creating a service that allowed travellers to get a local mobile phone number before they arrived in South Africa. We expanded our service to include Europe and America in 2015.

With a b4i.travel SIM card, you get to save on calls and data, as you only pay local rates!

We have been in the mobile phone business since 1994 and own and operate the Cellucity, Vodacom Shop, Vodacom Rentals and Apple Doctor brands in South Africa and internationally.

As a leading international cellular company, with branches and support in South Africa, Europe and America, we have won numerous industry awards and pride ourselves on the service we deliver.

Relax, save and ensure that B4u travel, you do so, connected like a local!

As they say in South Africa, “local is lekker”.