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Mandela Month in honour of Madiba

July is a truly special month in South Africa. Brands and people of various backgrounds make an extra effort to do good for the country and others in celebration of Nelson Mandela’s life. The month is a reminder and a call to action for people to make a positive impact on the world. Below are a few things you could do in the month of July (and any other month) to promote positive change and celebrate Mandela’s life.  

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Donate to charity

Starting with one of the most obvious and easiest ways to help people out during Mandela month is donating to charity. This is something which allows people who don’t always have a lot of time in their day (or are abroad) to take part in time-consuming activities to make a meaningful contribution to the lives of others. If you are a very busy person but still want to inspire positive change, you could donate clothes, books or food to the less-fortunate and make their lives a little better. Below are a few examples of charities you can donate to: 

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Tutor children in a subject you know about

You don’t have to donate physical objects to make a difference. Knowledge is power and giving children the ability to learn something is a great way to uplift communities and help eradicate poverty. Reach out to schools or assist those who are unable to hire a tutor for their child. Although more time-consuming, doing this is arguably one of the most beneficial things you can do for society. Nelson Mandela was especially focussed on children’s rights as well as the right to education, so this would be close to home in terms of continuing Mandela’s legacy.

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Donate your old computer and books to a school

On the subject of education, you can also donate any old books and even your old computer to a school. Maybe you have an old computer that has been sitting in your cupboard for a year because you felt it wasn’t running fast enough or maybe you have a few textbooks from school or university which could be excellent educational material to donate. Books are always a reliable source for education and there are many schools which will be able to use the computer as well. A computer can assist with the learning process by getting children more excited to learn.

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Give a little love to those who are ill

A lot of terminally ill people or those in old age homes have no one who can visit them. Even just someone to talk to can brighten up their day. Contact a hospital or hospice and see if there is anyone who would love to have someone to talk to. You could also find out if there is something specific which they might need or would like assistance with and try to help them with that.

 Although some of these experiences may be sad, even the simplest positivity in someone’s life can create a snowball effect to improve the world around us. Don’t let Nelson Mandela month go by without having made even the simplest of positive actions. 

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