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Food You Have To Try In Cape Town

Cape Town is well-known for its diverse set of cultures which inhabit the city. Along with these cultures and the city’s general accepting nature for variety, there comes an array of different local cuisines which you need to try when visiting.

Source: 48hours

The “Great” Gatsby

We begin with the Gatsby, as it is one of the most famous things to get when in Cape Town. Originating from Athlone on the Cape Flats, the submarine-styled sandwich was invented by shop owner Rashaad Pandy who wanted to serve up a quick and easy meal for his hired workers. Today, the foot long sandwich can now be found all over the city. The Gatsby is usually filled with meat, fries (or chips as it is known by the locals), eggs, salads and a variety of sauces, but there are vegetarian options such as the one offered by Lekker Vegan. These magnificent sandwiches are quite large and can be quite difficult to finish, which is why you should probably share it with one or more people. Remember that no more than four people can share one Gatsby in terms on the Gatsby eating rules, so get a few friends to go with you when you get one and enjoy the traditional Cape flavours. 

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Fish and Chips

Being right on the sea, Cape Town has many restaurants that offer some of the freshest fish you will ever eat in your life. There are extravagant restaurants which you can visit to experience this, but to get that really iconic experience you can visit Kalky’s in Kalk Bay or Snoekies in Hout Bay. These two fish shops are extremely affordable and the time it takes for your order to be completed and delivered to your table is certainly impressive. This may be because they deep-fry the fish but hey, no one’s complaining when it tastes so good.

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Bunny Chow

Okay, first thing’s first; as mis-leading as the name can be, this cuisine has nothing to do with rabbits, so don’t let the name mislead you. This dish is most popular for being first created in Durban, but can be found all over South Africa and in Cape Town. It is traditionally made by cutting a loaf of bread in half, hollowing out the inside and filling it with curry. You may find that this is also difficult to eat alone but there are options to have a smaller portion such as a quarter-loaf. Just try it out first and then maybe you can get a bigger portion as a take-away.

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As unusual as its ingredients may sound, bobotie is extremely delicious. It is essentially minced beef with a mixture of milk and egg on top. People often include raisins or other dried fruit into the dish to create a sweet and sour flavour. Yes, it’s almost that simple. The great thing about this dish is that you could make it at home quite easily, but it’s probably best to try it the way South Africans do it first.

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Wait, we can’t just give you meal options; what about desserts right? Koeksisters are possibly one of the most South African desserts out there. These sweet little treats originated from the Afrikaner culture and are made by frying braided dough and soaking it in syrup or honey. They are extremely sweet, so if you have a sweet tooth, you will definitely enjoy this. If you don’t, you may only be able to finish half of one.


Cape Town’s diversity is truly something to be excited about. When you visit this beautiful city, don’t just observe the variety of the culture, get involved, try some of the food and come away with an experience that you may even be able to share with your family back in your home country.


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