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Berlin Beer Festival: The Grey City’s Celebration Of The Golden Drink

Every year, beer makers and drinkers from around the world get together to participate in one of the greatest beer festivals that Germany has to offer – the International Berlin Beer Festival. 2019 will be the festival’s 23rd year running and will take place from the 2nd to the 4th of August. The festival is considered to be the world’s longest in terms of size, as it stretches over a distance of 2.2 kilometres along Karl-Marx-Allee. Apart from the physical length, the festival brings in a large number of tourists. It is expected to see more than 800 000 people this year and will host 350 breweries from around 90 countries, giving them the ability to display and sell more than 2400 uniquely represented beers.

A Beer For Everyone

If it is not only German beer that you are looking for, don’t worry. The International Berlin Beer Festival hosts beer-makers from different parts of the world. You could find beer made anywhere from New Zealand to Vietnam. The festival even sometimes takes on a theme of one of the locations. For example, Vietnam was the theme in 2011 and Poland in 2013.



Dress up

The vibrant energy of the festival is one which you really want to become a part of and dressing up is one of the most enjoyable ways to do this. A lot of people dress up in traditional Bavarian attire, but this is not the only thing you can wear. People also opt to wear silly clothing to accommodate the “fun” atmosphere of the entire festival. Just remember that the International Berlin Beer Festival tries to be slightly more refined than Oktoberfest, so you won’t see outfits there that are quite as “taboo” as at Oktoberfest.

Source: Odd Berlin

Other activities

Germany has an excellent public transport system, so you shouldn’t need to be the designated driver. However, if you do somehow find yourself in that unfortunate position or even if you just want to do something else other than drink beer at the festival, there are a few other activities to choose from. If you are feeling hungry, there will be many interesting culinary demonstrations, so you can find exactly the type of meal you are looking for. If you are feeling a little bit musical, there will be a total of 19 stages featuring national and international artists for you to listen to. And, if you still aren’t interested in doing any of those things and would rather do something that you can actually take part in, there will be an ample amount of fun games and competitions to keep you entertained.

Source: Odd Berlin


As you can see, there are a lot of activities to take part in, a lot of food to eat, and of course, a lot of beer to drink at the International Berlin Beer Festival. You’ll be able to get caught up in the vibrant atmosphere and get the chance to taste excellent beer from all around the world while wearing your antique dirndl or lederhosen. 


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