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Take a Mental Holiday With These 10 Travel Books

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many of us holed up to prevent further spread of the virus. While the idea of lounging at home with nothing to do may have sounded like a dream mere months ago, it can rather quickly lead to boredom, frustration and a general case of cabin fever. While we can’t encourage you to escape to the outside world just yet, there’s nothing stopping you from disappearing on an excursion of a different sort. Lose yourself in an adventure and take a mental holiday with these 10 travel books.

Into The Wild

Christopher Johnson McCandless’ wanderings through the Alaskan wilderness are told by Jon Krakauer in this biographical account. McCandless faces the very human emotions of loneliness, persistence and, ultimately, peace as he goes on a journey of self-exploration amid one of the cruellest and most desolate landscapes in the world, and by the closing page, you’ll be planning your own post-COVID19 backpacking trip.

Eat, Pray, Love

Elizabeth Gilbert’s memoir-style account will have you in stitches one second, and bawling the next. Wanting to escape her life as a modern American woman is all too relatable, and she promptly whisks you along on her escapades, first eating her way through Italy, then learning how to pray in an Indian ashram, and finally coming to terms with self-love in Bali. The autobiography functions as both entertainment and inspiration for every reader.

bali - flower arrangement

The Alchemist

This classic tale follows the forays of a shepherd boy as he travels from Spain to Egypt, chasing his dreams and adventure! Author Paulo Coelho puts a philosophical spin on a simple story, and the pages are littered with quotes sure to inspire wanderlust in even the least intrepid reader.

The Great Railway Bazaar

Paul Theroux depicts his sojourns while following the famous and now obsolete Hippie Trail from London to Asia for over 4 months. His narrative takes place during the 1970s and it’s interesting for the modern reader to reflect how different the world was almost half a century ago.

The City of Djinns

This historical account of India’s capital outlines Delhi’s rich history, complex culture and key characters. While non-fiction may not be your first choice when it comes to escapism, William Dalrymple’s story-telling flare is unmatched and will transport you right to the bustling streets of Delhi.

India farmers market - show casing fruits, vegetables and spices

Down Under

I say the name Bill Bryson and you’re already reaching for the phone to call your local library. In Down Under, Bryson gives an all-inclusive account of life in Australia, told in his usual jocular tone, and touches on everything from geography and climate to the pioneers who first dared to navigate the notoriously desolate landscape.


Rolf Potts’ tale of bravery and acceptance is loved by many. While on the surface a story of escaping the drudgery of daily life to go to new places, learn new languages and meet new people, the deeper meaning is to escape the comfort zone, accepting and loving each new experience, good or bad, with the goal of growth. A must-read for those feeling the effects of isolation!

Lost on Planet China

In a country as vast and populated as China, it’s easy to get lost! J. Maarten Troost seamlessly entwines travelogue with humour, while still depicting China’s ancient cultural heritage and social idiosyncrasies that often leave tourists baffled, yet somehow remain endearing.

China - ancient Chinese building on the waters edge

Blue Highways

William Least Heat-Moon takes his reader on a tour of the various aspects of the rural American countryside. Featuring memorable encounters with locals and vivid descriptions of the highways that weave between America’s small towns, you’ll feel as though you’re in the passenger seat alongside Heat-Moon until the closing page.

Into Thin Air

Jon Krakauer (sound familiar?) now steps into his own exploring shoes in his personal account of the Mount Everest expedition in the mid-1990s. The trip turned into a disaster when a severe snowstorm combined with heightened competitiveness and resultant overlooking of safety procedures, finally culminating in the deaths of eight climbers. The story takes the reader on an emotional rollercoaster and will have you itching to turn the page until the very end.

We hope these reads will help you pass the time in this climate of isolation and social distancing, and keep your travel bug alive and well for when the global situation reaches stability and resolution. For now, stay safe and be kind to one another!

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Avoid the Hack

Avoid the Hack

When travelling abroad, many of us will rely on public Wifi, whether from a shopping mall or the restaurant you are enjoying that very expensive ethically sourced cup of coffee from the foothills of some mountain, whose beans that were ingested by a baby panda.

Photo by Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash

The problem with many of these public Wifi hotspots is that they can be used to hack your credentials, so we strongly suggest not using them to do banking or log into services that require password access.

It is not always possible to wait till you get back to your hotel or accommodation provider to make use of their probably more secure connection. That’s where have a local sim loaded with a data bundle provides you far greater security and peace of mind when travelling abroad.

A worrying development recently revealed at DEF CON, Security conference in August 2019, was the upcoming availability of fake lightning cables:

Mike Grover, who goes by the pseudonym MG, designed the “O.MG cable” to look and function exactly like a legitimate Lightning cable made by Apple—but they are modified with hardware (including a very tiny wireless access point) that allows a hacker to remotely run various scripts and commands and hijack a targeted device.”*

Apple MFi Certified Logo

So next time you run out of battery power and hand your phone over to the barmen or waiter to charge your phone, think twice.

Ideally when travelling always use your own cables and if you are forever running out of battery make sure to pack an airline friendly power bank (those that are 10 000mAh or less) to take on your adventures.

And if you ever get stuck without a cable on your travels, make sure you buy an original or at least a certified manufacturer-approved cable. For accessories certified by Apple, they come with an MFi (Made for iPhone) logo, the MFi chips costs around $5 so if the cable you buying is cheaper than that, it’s most likely a fake. You can check which manufacturers are Apple approved by clicking here.

A lot goes into planning the perfect trip, make sure you have your mobile security bases covered before your next adventure. Explore your world with us.

Written by: Chris Henschel – Trendsetter by day, socialite by night and Cellucity GM in his free time.

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The Importance of Travel Insurance

Anyone watching events with Thomas Cook unfolding will realize why travel insurance is an essential part of travel. Thomas Cook is over 178 years old – it’s a massive brand in international travel, tours, and tourism.

Indications are over 600 000 people including 150 000 British citizens who are out on holiday and will need to be repatriated. Over 1 million flights and flight hotel packages booked have been booked for future travels.

Thomas Cook Plane in Flight

In this instance, Thomas Cook is a member of ATOL – Air Travel Organisers’ Licensing – a UK Civil Aviation Authority scheme offering customers financial protection from a member tour operator. So, customers and tour partners are protected.

ATOL does have its limitations though. It is only required for UK travel and it only covers travel companies that offer packaged holidays and flights. If you buy directly from an airline or, if you book a flights-only trip or even a cruise, you may not be covered.

ATOL – Logo

Thomas Cook is not alone in its woes, in recent years companies like Monarch, Primeria Air, WOW Air, XL Leisure Group, Niki Air and dozens more have filed for bankruptcy.

Flights and accommodations are not the only arguments for comprehensive travel insurance. Holiday-makers are often far more active; sightseeing, doing tours, trips, hikes and even adventure activities putting them at higher risk of accidents and injuries.


A holiday is all about relaxing and exploring and it is easy to let your guard down. Even in the safest cities, tourist hot spots are notorious for scammers, pickpocketers and credit-card skimmers.

So, has partnered with a global Travel Insurance provider, World Nomads to offer insurance cover against:

Adventure Activities

Designed to help you explore your boundaries

Medical Repatriation

I’m all banged up overseas. How do I get home?


How will you help if I get caught up in a terrorist attack?

Travel Accidents

I’m hurt. How do I get help?

Lost or Delayed Baggage

My gear has gone. How can you help?

Schengen Area – Multi-Country European Trip

I am heading to multiple European countries. Can you help?

Trip Cancellations

I need to cancel my trip. Am I covered?

Travel Health

Travel Insurance isn’t health insurance. Find out why. Book Travel Insurance with

Death Overseas

How will you get my body home?

Stolen Credit Cards

Someone’s snatched my plastic. Can I get a replacement?

Natural Disasters

If disaster strikes, what if I’m injured or unable to travel?

Stolen Passports

Someone has stolen my passport. Help!

Delayed Baggage

Where did my bags go? Will insurance cover that?

Overseas Emergency Medical

I’m sick or injured overseas. How do I get help?

Overseas Emergency Dental

Ouch, my teeth hurt! Will my insurance cover the dentist’s bill?


How will you help me if I get attacked?

Nobody wants to think about all the things that could go wrong on their trip, but things can and do happen. So be prepared. Not all travel insurance is equal. It is essential you understand what you are getting. For a hassle-free, obligation free quote, click here

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