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Magical European Christmas Markets

Europe’s Christmas markets are filled with festivity. The twinkling lights, magical design and gorgeous setting of each one come together every year to create a Christmas experience unlike any other. We’ve got a list of some of the best ones for you to go to this Christmas.

France – Colmar La Magie de Noel

Every year, the lights of Colmar’s Christmas market light up the streets and transform the city into a magical Christmas setting. Take a walk around the city and gather up some unique gifts for your loved ones or go for a few rounds on the ice rink. With a backdrop of ancient architecture lit up with colourful lights, there isn’t a more perfect time to visit.

Sweden – Gothenburg Christmas Markets

Swedish Christmas markets have some interesting traditions that you can experience including the singing Christmas tree, which involves a talented choir singing beautiful songs around a Christmas tree. If you are looking for something with a little more thrill for your children, the Liseberg Amusement Park hosts an ice ballet for all ages as well as various carousels to go on.

Poland – Krakow Christmas Market

The Krakow Christmas Market is situated in Krakow’s largest central square, Rynek Glowny. The on-site smiths display their metalworks amongst pottery and other beautifully crafted objects to choose from at each stall. Keep an eye out for some Polish glass baubles to take home with you as a souvenir of your magical experience.

Czech Republic – Prague Christmas Market

Prague’s Christmas Markets join together to create a setting which will excite any Christmas enthusiast. Stepping into any one of these markets will be as if your world has transformed into the perfect winter wonderland. One of the best views is at the Old Town Square Market, where a massive Christmas tree stands tall with an incredible backdrop of Gothic architecture.

Germany – Berlin Christmas Markets

With over 100 Christmas markets in Berlin there is no shortage of fun activities to be had. Enjoy some ice skating at the Christmas Market at Berlin Town Hall, go on a few of the 70 amusement park rides at the Christmas Market at Gedächtniskirche, or simply look for nostalgic ornaments from the Charlottenburg Palace Market.

Hungary – Budapest Christmas Markets

Budapest has a number of markets to visit with the main one being situated in the city centre at Vorosmarty Square. Here, you can wander between the warmly lit stalls and choose from various treats and crafts as well as enjoy one or two magnificent evening concerts.  

There is no doubt that there are a multitude of magical experiences to be had, delicious treats to feast on, and cute crafts to buy at European Christmas Markets. Take your pick and step into a world like no other.


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