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Ljubljana – Europe’s Hidden Gem

 Given the size of our planet and the nature of humans, there are many places that go relatively unvisited in the way of tourism. We therefore provide the odd traveller with the hidden gem of a destination. Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital, is one of these hidden gems.


Nature vs. Architecture

One of the great things about Ljubljana is the juxtaposing buildings and trees. Although it is a city, there is no lack of natural beauty to be observed. There are many trees lining the cobblestone streets and a beautiful river that runs through the city, creating an environment that doesn’t feel barren and is rather in-touch with the planet. Aside from the natural beauty, there is the magnificent architecture. Ljubljana is filled with historical bridges and buildings which attract a large number of the tourists who visit. Some of these attractions include Dragon Bridge, Cobblers’ Bridge and Butcher’s Bridge.

Clean city and friendly people

 Another great reason to visit Ljubljana (especially if you live in a relatively polluted area) is its cleanliness. The entire city is always kept clean and litter-free, making Ljubljana one of the cleanest cities in Europe. On top of its cleanliness, the locals here are very friendly, making your stay that much more pleasant. Anyone would be happy to answer any questions you have, and you may even end up making a few friends to have a drink with.

They have a castle!

 Do you need to know anything else? As far as castles go, this one is impressive to say the least. Ljubljana’s castle is about 900 years old and offers some of the best views of the city from the outlook tower. Aside from being able to explore a large part of the castle freely, inside you will also find a number of cafés, exhibitions and a museum which will all keep you interested for hours.

Delicious food

 Another thing that Ljubljana is known for is its food. It has both traditional Slovenian cuisines such as Kebabs, Jota (a soup) and Kremsnita (Slovenia’s famously sweet cream cake) as well as various well-made untraditional food such as burgers and French toast. When you visit, you must of course have the traditional food on offer, but give some of the untraditional a try too. You won’t regret it.


As you can see, Ljubljana has a lot to offer, and there is even more to discover. We would suggest you travel here as soon as possible, before it starts to become a more tourism-heavy destination. With museums, natural scenery, castles and incredible food, Ljubljana is a hidden gem which should be on everyone’s bucket list.


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