What is International Calling+

International Calling Plus – our best-kept secret

The international calling plus service is available only on our South African Packages

  • Save up to 500% on international calls from South Africa.
  • Billed per second from the first second.
  • Call abroad for cheaper than a local mobile call.
  • Please note that R5 is deducted from your airtime every 30 days or part thereof.

Review our international calling+ rates here

What do International Calls cost?

Call costs vary by country whether you are calling a landline or mobile. Non discounted calling on average costs $2.00 per minute.

By adding the International Calling add on or buying a plan with this included it will allow you unlimited FREE International calling to 80 countries Landline and Mobiles.

Countries not included are then also charged at a drastically reduced rate of $0.10 on average per minute.

Can I expect coverage everywhere?

While we have selected the best networks with the widest coverage and largest roaming partners, it is still not possible to guarantee coverage everywhere. If you are travelling to rural towns there may be areas with limited or no cellphone coverage. Our service is subject to local network availability.

Will my SIM card work immediately?

Yes, we pre-activate your SIM card before your arrival. So, it is ready to work as soon as you land. Please note though: if your phone is on during the flight, you will need to restart it. It can take a minute or two to find network signal the very first time it is connected.

How long will my SIM card stay active for?

We offer fully rechargeable pre-paid SIM cards. They will remain active for 60 days with no usage. However, you can keep them active indefinitely by recharging them and sending a text or making a billable call.


Do you offer group orders?

Yes, we most definitely do. Feel free to contact us to discuss a group discount or our affiliate program for large groups or reoccurring orders.

How does a Travel SIM compare to using International Roaming?

With a Travel SIM card, there are no nasty bill surprises when you return home. You know exactly what you get upfront and know exactly how much you are spending.

International roaming rates vary depending on your home network roaming agreement with each international network. It can be as much as 300% more expensive than using a travel SIM and, not only do you pay for outgoing calls, but you also pay for incoming calls and voicemail retrieval. Since cross-network billing is delayed, an international roaming bill can reflect as much as 2 or 3 months after your return.

When will I receive my mobile number?

This depends on where you are travelling. For our European and Data SIM packages, you will get your number on delivery. For South African SIM cards, you will get your number 7-days prior to your travels and for the USA, your number will get issued 24 – 48 hours prior to arrival. Feel free to contact us should you require special arrangements.