Beat the Blahs With These Winter Holiday Travel Essentials

Not all holidays consist of jetting off to sunkissed shores and tropical paradises, especially as the festive season draws near. Whether you’re visiting family or seeking out a white Christmas, these tips and must-haves will ensure your winter getaway is both merry and bright!

Catch Flights, Not Frostbite

Not only are airports notoriously busy over the holiday period, but the blustery winter weather can often cause delays and disruptions to even the best laid travel plans. Make sure to get to the airport with plenty of time to spare and keep your eye on the departures board for any changes to gates, times and connections. While some of the hold ups may be unavoidable, the best way to tackle them is to be savvy and prepared!


Pack Smart

While it can be tempting to pack just about your entire wardrobe when heading into frosty territory, it’s much easier to pack a few essentials that are certain to keep out the chill. One decent winter coat can be thrown over any outfit, and a good pair of waterproof gloves will do wonders if you’re preparing for snow. Snow boots are also a must to prevent any sludge from making its way into your socks.


Apps Before Maps

There’s nothing worse than being lost, especially in the cold! The best way to be prepared for travel, whether on the road or with public transport, is to be connected. There’s an app available for just about anything; from weather and traffic updates to transport schedules and booking last minute accommodation. Most apps can also be set to alert you to any changes or possible hindrances to your plans, which is especially important if you’re travelling abroad.


Behind The Wheel-ers

If you plan on driving while on your winter vacation, make sure your vehicle is checked over by a mechanic and suitably fitted for wintry roads. Take things slow and make sure you can see and be seen by keeping your headlights on at all times. Also be sure to keep emergency supplies in the car, such as a first aid kit, extra food and some warm clothes and blankets. Winter weather is notoriously fickle and it won’t hurt to be prepared for any setbacks!


Winter holidays can be just as relaxing and jovial as summer ones provided all the essentials are packed and suitable preparations made. If you’ll be visiting unfamiliar places, locals are usually more than willing to offer invaluable advice and a helping hand should you get stuck in a rut. With sufficient patience and warm layers, there’s no cause for a holiday meltdown this winter!

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