6 Reasons to Visit Sweden in Winter

Sweden is a beautiful country. It isn’t hard to see why people from all around the world visit every year. As popular as it is in the summer months, there are more than enough reasons why you should visit in winter too.

More than 100 Resorts to go skiing

There are a total of 121 ski resorts in Sweden, offering slopes for different levels of skiers. Whether you are a beginner who just wants to learn, visiting with your family, or an experienced skier looking for the next best off-piste slope, there is something for everyone.

Reindeer and Moose

Much like Africa, Sweden also has a great set of animals which you can see on safari. The Swedish “Big Six” include wolves, moose, wolverines, lynxes, musk oxen, and brown bears. The tours allow you to spot some incredible wildlife and experience Sweden’s natural beauty in a way like no other.

Northern Lights

To add to the beauty of Sweden, you are even able to view the northern lights from the northern parts of the country. The best place to view the northern lights is from Abisko National Park thanks to the “blue hole” – a patch of sky that tends to stay clear even when other areas are overcast.

Sleep in Ice Hotels

There are a number of icy areas to stay but none beat the ice hotel in Jukkasjärvi. The hotel is rebuilt every year and is designed by a variety of artists. So, if you are a regular visitor to Sweden, you can get a new experience of this hotel every year.

Frozen Lake Fishing

Ice fishing is a great activity, even if you haven’t fished before. The water under the ice is often crystal-clear, which allows you to see your bait and see all the fish swimming below that may take it and become your first catch.


One of the best things about snowmobiles is that they aren’t difficult to use. This means you can take the family out on a snowmobile trip without needing to endure some of the physical aspects that skiing can have.

Sweden is beautiful all-year-round. Don’t stick to the summer months alone, visit when the crowds are thinner, but the potential experiences are still incredible – in winter. You will be able to experience the country without the hassle of getting through big crowds and in a way that many dream of.

Source: https://sweden.se/nature/10-reasons-to-spend-winter-in-sweden/

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