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5 Easy Ways To Meet People While Solo Travelling

These days, many modern explorers are opting for solo travelling, and there’s nothing quite like discovering a place on your own. Besides, getting into holiday mode truly has the potential to make us happier. While that freedom of travelling alone is exciting, every so often you might find yourself feeling a tad lonely. Luckily, there are great ways to make friends while you’re on self-discovery mode.

Hop-on a Contiki Tour

Since 1962, Contiki has been reuniting people together from all over the world with different walks of life. Throughout your trip with their expert trip managers and local guides, they use their local insights to help you discover the authentic sides to the places you visit. From long hours on bus trips to discovering new sights, a Contiki tour is the perfect way to meet like-minded people on your solo adventure.

Choose hostels over hotels

Hostels are not everyone’s cup of tea but it may be the best way to meet new people who are probably travelling with on the same route to yours or for the same reason that you are. Even if you stay in a private room, you are guaranteed a social stay. If you have no idea where to book for one, try Hostelworld. It often lists a wide variety of local guesthouses, budget hotels, B&Bs and even luxury hostels.  It’s a good one to check even if you’re not keen on dorm accommodation—as it covers a lot more than just that. Don’t forget to check the ratings! You can also book your accommodation through

Book for a unique dining experience with Eat With

There’s an app or website for everything. If you’re a food enthusiast, there’s nothing that can match a culinary experience with excellent chefs and hosts. From cheese tasting on a Parisian rooftop to curry making classes in India, there’s a foodie event to suit every taste. With EatWith, you can even discover foodie hotspots with local tour guides, it’s the perfect way to explore a city on foot.

Meet people abroad who love what you love

Being alone and embracing it is a wonderful part of solo travel. However, group tours are often one of the best ways to bond with people that have the same interests as you. Whether it’s visiting the Colosseum or trekking to the Machu Pichu, there will always be someone willing to match your itineraries for planned trips.  Book a social adventure with Musement if that’s what excites you. 

Discover nightlife experiences with a local

Ever miss out on a night out because you didn’t have anyone to go with? If festivals are your thing, try partying with a local. Party with a Local is the only social meet-up app dedicated to those who love to party. It’s a social network that connects you with like-minded people for a night out.

Heading out into the world on your own with no social safety net can be a daunting experience for a first-time solo traveller. Prospective solo travellers should know that, despite its label, solo travel does not mean that you have to be alone throughout the whole trip. Thanks to innovative new apps and technology, you can now connect with like-minded explorers. 

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