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What To Do In Las Vegas Other Than Gamble

As much as people love to visit Las Vegas to try and hit the jackpot, you may not be one for gambling but still want to see what all the fuss is about. Contrary to popular belief, there is a lot more to do and see in Vegas that doesn’t involve giving your money to machines and not getting anything in return. Las Vegas is also known for its incredible clubbing scene but let’s see what is on offer other than clubbing and gambling.

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The boneyard of neon signs

So, you’ve heard of all the crazy flashing lights and intense neon signs of Vegas, and you’ve taken a drive through the city and seen them everywhere. What’s the next step? You could take a trip to the Neon Museum to see how Vegas’ magnificent signs evolved. The main section we are referring to is the Neon Boneyard, which hosts masses of unrestored signs from throughout Vegas’ history. You can get some great pictures here, whether you go in the day, or at night when the signs are illuminated with ground lighting (they even have a couple restored signs that light up to give you a feeling of what Vegas used to look like). 

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An Adrenaline-fueled dune buggy tour

Don’t forget that you are still in the middle of a desert. Aside from the outstanding artificial lighting within the city, you get the pure natural scenes of the desert just outside. And what better way to experience this than with some awesome off-road buggy tours. It’s an adrenaline-fueled way to get a great perspective on the unforgiving landscape and take your view of Vegas to another level.

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The Fremont street light show

Yes, yes, we know we have mentioned lights quite a lot, but isn’t that the main reason you came to Vegas in the first place? Explore Fremont Street – this pedestrian-only street for magnificent cuisines, interesting live entertainment and, most-importantly, the light show. Fremont Street’s Viva Vision light show is a whole new experience. Displayed on a 1500-foot-long, 90-foot-wide screen which is suspended above the street, no matter how sore your neck gets, you won’t want to stop looking up at this astonishing scene.

Source: Stratosphere Hotel

The Stratosphere observation tower

This might be kind of unusual since most of the activities are close to the ground, but it’s certainly something you need to try. This 1149-foot-tall, freestanding observation tower is the tallest in the United States and offers both indoor and outdoor decks, allowing you to feel the thrill of standing in open air that high above the ground, or simply observe the 360 views of Las Vegas from the comfort of being behind the large glass windows.

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First Friday creativity

As the name implies, First Friday is an event hosted on the first Friday of every month. Artists gather together to display their work, which ranges from paintings and performances to interesting food and drinks. Go and experience the artistic diversity at this event and you will come away with a whole new appreciation for creativity.


There is so much to do in Las Vegas, it’s hard to list it all. If a few of your friends or family want to try their luck gambling and that isn’t to your taste, just take your pick of all that is o offer and tell them you’ll meet up later. You’ll probably find that you’ll come back with an array of pictures and exciting stories which are much more intriguing and character-building than winning a couple of extra dollars on the slots.


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