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What to do in Cape Town in Winter

Cape Town, South Africa, more lovingly known as the mother city, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful travel destinations in the world. Surrounded by sea, mountains, and everything in between, you are definitely spoilt for choice when visiting this picturesque city!

South Africa has its winter during the months of May to August, and temperatures can drop to the single digits, but fear- not, there is still plenty to do in Cape Town during winter!

Two Oceans Aquarium

First on our list is Two Oceans Aquarium, located at the V & A Waterfront. The aquarium was first opened in 1995 and is home to over 8000 sea animals. The aquarium allows both adults and children the opportunity to view sea animals like fish, seahorses, jellyfish, penguins, sharks, and more, up close. The two oceans aquarium is named after its location, where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet. Get tickets here.

V & A Waterfront

Next up we have V & A Waterfront. The V & A Waterfront is one of the most visited attractions in Cape Town and attracts over 23 million visitors a year! From the iconic Cape Wheel, shopping, eating, movies, and of course the majestic views of Table Mountain and the Cape Town harbor, it’s no doubt that you will always have something to do at the V & A Waterfront.

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Table Mountain

If you’re up for the challenge, Table Mountain, probably the most famous landmark in Cape Town, is accessible via cable car. Marvel at the views of Cape Town from 3,558 ft high! Going on top of one of the oldest mountains in the world is sure to be a treat but ensure that you are dressed for the occasion as it can get really cold up there! The cable car only goes up when it’s safe to do so and weather permitting, so if you’re planning a trip up the mountain check out the Table Mountain website which displays the weather conditions at the top of the page, to find out the weather before you can go. Visit the website here.

Cape Town Hopper Helicopter Tour

Not ready to brace the cold from 3,558 ft high? Don’t worry, you can still enjoy all the beautiful views that Cape Town has to offer by taking a Cape Town Hopper Helicopter Tour. The tour will give you a birds-eye view of Cape Town as well as its beautiful landmarks! 

Another favourite is the Hop On Hop Off bus! The famous “red bus” allows passengers to hop on and hop off as they wish. The bus has different routes and passengers get to see the beautiful landmarks and iconic sites of Cape Town, without even leaving their seats! The bus is a double-decker with the bottom deck being enclosed, for those that feel a little extra cold! Get Tickets here.

Wine Tasting

While the list is truly endless with things to do in Cape Town in winter, the last one on our list is for all the wine drinkers! With over 550 wineries in Western Cape, it’s no doubt that a wine tasting is a must-do when visiting Cape Town! There are many options available which include cheese tasting, wine tasting, and cellars tours together or you can settle for one that is solely just a wine tasting experience. Regardless of which option you choose, going on a wine tasting is sure to warm you up!

All that’s left to say is happy packing and see you in Cape Town!