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The top travel apps to download b4 you travel to the USA

You want to make the most of your time abroad. So which apps are going to stand you in good stead when you visit the United States of America? Read on and get your app store ready.


Available in over 30 countries worldwide, this is your go-to app for transport. It’s even more integrated in terms of journey planning than Google.

It helps you get where you need to be by providing you with information on nearby Ubers, cycle routes, departure and arrival times of public transport systems and more. It even tells you how long your journey will take by jetpack!


Click here to learn more about Citymapper.


Even though you’ll get by fine with English, American cities are cosmopolitan; it’ll be good for you to know a bit of foreign banter. This app works like a child’s computer game by taking you through ‘levels’ during which you’ll learn to get the basics of a new language.


Click here to learn more about Duolingo.

XE Currency

This app is able to give you coverage of current exchange rates – very handy if you are on a budget with your home-base currency.


Click here to learn more about XE Currency.


If you are travelling as a group and sharing costs, this app keeps track of who spends how much on what, so everyone can split the bill evenly without an argument come the end of the journey.


Click here to learn more about Splittr.


Tripit takes all of your transport and accommodation emails and compacts it into a handy scheduled travel document. This comes in handy for time management, and saves you the hassle of carrying around paperwork and taking notes.


Click here to read more about Tripit.

Free Wifi Finder

This app is sure to be a favourite as it helps you find free WiFi hotspots in more than 50 countries.


Click here to learn more about WiFi Finder.

Google Photos

We’ve all experienced that moment when we’re having a good time taking photos and your phone runs out of storage and you start going through your pics deleting, arg! Well with Google Photos you’ll never run out of storage again. Their smarter albums are great for all your adventures along with fun animations, movies and more.


Click here to learn more about Google Photos.

With these apps and some good cheer, you’re bound to have a ball of a time abroad in the States!

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