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5 Apps to Turn Your Trip into a Food Adventure

Nothing invites you to immerse yourself into the culture of a destination as much as delicious food, as you experience a city through its aromas and flavours on a sensory expedition. Awaken your inner foodie as you delve into a food adventure discovering the best flavour-filled hotspots, exclusive culinary experiences and diverse food options North America has to offer.

Chefs Feed

You no longer have to falter your food adventures at the recommendations of wannabe food critics and soapbox experts. With Chefs Feed, you get a privileged view of the world’s best chefs who share their top local restaurant choices, best-loved spots, and favourite dishes and desserts that can satisfy the cravings of any seasoned taste buds. It takes the guesswork out of finding a great place to eat in a new city when you discover where the local chefs eat and what they eat. Click here to download Chefs Feed.

Off The Menu

Take your food adventures off the beaten path as the “Off The Menu” app invites you to become an insider as you explore previously exclusive food discoveries and secret taste experiences only available to those in-the-know. You’re able to track down a city’s tastiest off-menu dishes, hidden from the general public, through a curated list of lesser-known secrets from restaurants, bars and cafes across North America. Click here to download Off The Menu.


If you’ve ever been to a good restaurant and had a disappointing dish or ate an amazing meal at an average restaurant then Foodspotting is the app to favour your food adventures. Roving foodies help to discover the best dishes by creating a visual guide of their favourite choices at a particular restaurant by rating and sharing the photos of their meals. It works in any city and small town and enables you to discover new options and local haunts to find good food anywhere. Click here to download Foodspotting.

Eat St.

As you explore a city distracted by the sights and sounds you suddenly become aware of your intense hunger pangs. Thankfully, the street food revolution in North America is cooking and there’s a choice feast of mobile eateries to still any rumbling. The Eat St. app can direct you to the best street food dishes in the city, as verified by the experts, through a database of over 8,000 mobile vendors. Locate and explore the live food truck map with this interactive app of traveling deliciousness. Click here to download Eat St.


As a traveler you may be curious about discovering the diverse food and cultural potential of cities in its most authentic form. Feastly has become a growing community where passionate local chefs can express their culinary creativity by hosting adventurous eaters in the warm, inviting comfort of their homes to create authentic food experiences. These immersive encounters create unforgettable social culinary adventures, as you taste the city with locals. Click here to download Feastly.

Whether your choice is suggestions from top local chefs or foodies, discovering secret menus, exploring the street food phenomenon or feasting on hearty, home-cooked meals, there’s an app to help you fulfill your food adventures.