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4G Coverage in the USA

What, may you ask, is 4G?

Basically, it’s the fourth generation of mobile telecommunications networks, superseding 3G. What’s so handy about it is the fact that it is more reliable for wifi devices (cellphones, laptops etc.) that use mobile broadband services. It’s roughly five times faster than 3G internet.

Another term connected to 4G is LTE; this is abbreviated for Long Term Evolution and is a very technical process concerning high speed mobile data.

The only downside is that not all smartphones are able to connect to it; if you haven’t made the transition to a newer model of Samsung, iPhone or similar smartphone, this service might not be available to you.

Here’s a map of 4G LTE coverage in the USA:

This map showcases American 4G provider T-Mobile’s reach in the USA.

Click here to pinpoint your exact location and LTE coverage.

Looks like a dream come true, doesn’t it?