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T-Mobile USA – Simply Three

Included in SIM card package:

Unlimited High-Speed Data | Unlimited Voice | Unlimited Text | North American Roaming

  • Unlimited High-Speed Data*
  • Unlimited minutes for local calls.
  • Unlimited local text.
  • Active for 28 days from arrival.
  • Roaming in Canada + Mexico


* Bundle is only valid for 28 days from the date of arrival.
* Credit must be purchased for cross-border or international calls (excludes Canada and Mexico)
* Make sure that your mobile phone is unlocked.
* Due to the size of the USA, coverage cannot be guaranteed. Please confirm your coverage here
* Data Roaming limited to 5GB
* Data FUP of 50GB thereafter uncapped at 128kb


T-Mobile USA – Simply Three

    This plan does not include international calling, or messaging. We recommend adding some credit.
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