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Unusual Holidays for the Intrepid Explorer

Do tropical island getaways no longer do the trick? Does the mere thought of traipsing through museums and art galleries in Europe’s capitals bring on a yawn? It’s time to revive the intrepid explorer within you with some anomalous adventures and eccentric excursions. We’ve compiled a list of unusual holidays that’ll have you reaching for your passport before you’ve even finished reading them all!

Kind of a Pig Deal


Big Major Cay island in the Bahamas has no human inhabitants, but is home to a family of about 20 wild pigs. Take a boat out to the island and watch as these friendly hogs doggy paddle – or in the case, piggy paddle – out to greet you. They’re always ready to accept a few tasty morsels as payment for their marine excursion, and are happy for you to take the plunge and join them in the crystal Bahamian water.

Deep Dish


Jules’ Undersea Lodge in Florida is not just a catchy name. It is one of the few operational underwater hotels in the world! Take the dive to check in, and if you’re feeling a bit peckish, you can order a pizza to your room, kept warm and dry in a watertight container. This is one way to experience a seaside holiday like no other! If you are diving down to Florida, be prepared with one of our USA travel SIM options.

Roach Run


Australia’s cockroach race takes place annually on the 26th of January. Bring along your critter of choice, or purchase a competitor from a vendor at the rink, give it a name, and cheer it along as it scrambles to the finish line. If the thought of a creepy crawly doesn’t tickle your fancy, perhaps knowing that there’s a cash prize for the winner will!

Because You Khan


The Mongol empire is renowned for having been one of the largest and most powerful military forces in history. If you’re traveling through Mongolia, why not take a day to become a Mongol warrior? You can brush up on your archery, practice horse riding, and learn some of the skills and tactics that the Mongolian military perfected while under Genghis Khan’s leadership.

Tonal Trees


The city of Aalborg in Denmark is home to the Park of Music, famous for its singing trees. The story behind these musical shrubs starts with Sir Cliff Richard, who planted a tree when he performed when he performed at the Congress and Culture Centre in 1987. Other artists soon planted trees of their own, leaving their mark in the garden, and some even went so far as to add a button to the base of their verdure which, when pressed, plays clips of their music. If you’re planning on visiting Denmark, or anywhere else in Europe, be sure to look at our European travel SIM packages so that you can stay connected during your travels.

Desert Skiing


Dubai is known for its scorching temperatures, so a ski trip may not exactly come to mind when thinking of the UAE. That said, Dubai is also known for its architectural wonders and ingenious designs, and we’ve learned to never say “never” when it comes to seemingly impossible feats. Although in the middle of the Arab desert, the Emirates Mall houses an entirely man made indoor ski centre, complete with ski slopes, toboggans and even a chairlift!

Snakes in a Spa

This one is certainly not for the squeamish! Israeli spas offer a ssspecial treatment on their menu. It involves getting covered in snakes (non venomous, of course). Israeli locals believe that the snake therapy encourages relaxation and self-confidence. On second thought, maybe it’s better to just take their word on it!

If you’re looking to reignite the travel spark within you, be sure to investigate some of these unusual holidays. They’re sure to get your back into the travel groove!

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