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Top Podcasts for the Vicarious Traveller

Let’s face it, there’s only so much Netflix that can be watched. And while being in quarantine has its perks, even these start to get a little dull after the first few days. If you’re itching to get back to exploring the world around you, we may have an isolation-appropriate alternative: travel podcasts. We’ve rounded up some of our tops picks to get you started, and we believe you’ll still be tuning long after isolation procedures have ceased.

Flight of Fancy

One of the most diverse travel podcasts on offer is Ben Groundwater’s Flight of Fancy. The 30-minute episodes make for perfect bite-size listening as Ben interviews various travellers and experts on a range of topics, from healing heartbreak through adventure to shady and treacherous border crossings.

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The Budget-Minded Traveler

This series is great for those who yearn to travel the world but may not have a world-class budget. Not only does host Jackie Nourse offer invaluable budget-friendly travel advice and her guests also offer great stories that speak to the inimitable adventure rush that often comes along with penny-pinching expeditions.

Women Who Travel

This podcast was originally a Facebook group which organically grew into the weekly episodic it is today. Hosted by the editors of Conde Nast Traveler Magazine, these experts give insight on what it’s like to be a female traveller, from feminist road trips to the stories of refugees. This one is great for making even the most-timid crave the taste of adventure.

Travel Genius

Travel Genius is aimed at both frequent and beginner travellers. It’s packed with travel hacks, from packing light to getting flight and hotel upgrades. Travel experts also weigh in, so you know that these tips are verified for you to use on your next globe-trotting expedition.


Sustainable travel has been a huge trend over the past few years and this podcast is 100% dedicated to helping you live and travel more eco-consciously. The episodes are about an hour-long, so grab a snack (preferably organic) before you settle down to listen to an episode.

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The Indie Travel Podcast

Hosts Linda and Craig have been on a non-stop global trip since 2006, and their prime aim is to encourage people to live life as one long, debt-free adventure. Their 14 years of nomadic experience have made them masters in just about every area of travel, and their 350 episodes give you plenty of options to pick what you’re most interested in hearing about.

Zero to Travel

This podcast is more for those who take a philosophical approach to travel. Host Jason dives into what travel is, how it affects us, and how we could be doing it better. There are also a few episodes dedicated to answering listener questions, as well as some unusual travel techniques.

We know it can be difficult staying indoors with limited social interaction, but podcasts are a great way to feel like you’re listening to an extended voice note from an old friend. These ones, in particular, will give you a much-needed taste of the world outside while in isolation and are a great jumping point to start planning out your next holiday once travel restrictions have lifted. For now, sit back, relax, stay safe and be kind to one another.

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