Things To Do Near Disneyland, Anaheim, California

If you are visiting Anaheim, California for Disneyland, you will find that you probably won’t be going to the famous theme park every day. So, in order to help you with finding other activities close to the area, below is a list of things to may find interesting.

Flight simulator

If you want to test your skills at flying a plane and calm that thought you have every now and then: “what if I wanted to be a fighter pilot?” you can head over to the Flight Deck 1 Air Combat Center. If you are older than 11 and taller than 41 inches, you will be able to test yourself on the same equipment used to train fighter pilots.

Baseball game

If you happen to be visiting between March and October, you should join the American spirit and watch a baseball game at the Angel Stadium. If, however, you don’t get there around that time, you could still get a photo with the iconic giant Angels baseball cap.

Waterpark at Great Wolf Lodge

One of the biggest indoor waterparks in the world is situated at Great Wolf Lodge. Unfortunately, you have to be a resort guest to utilise the park’s features. If you want to stay conveniently close to Disneyland and have a waterpark at your disposal, go for it.


Hands-on science at The Cube

The Discovery Cube in Orange county is a science museum with hands-on exhibits to get both you and your children interacting and learning about a variety of scientific activities. There are also often special events which are aimed at children. If you do have children, this is a great place to take them.


Escape from a locked room Orange County

Orange County is home to a number of amazing escape rooms for you to try. One of these escape rooms, PuzzleMazement, has a variety of options to choose from including a three-story, eerie dollhouse as well as a Christmas-themed mystery.


Eat dinner on a pirate ship

If you are looking for a twist to your dinner, Pirate’s Dinner Adventure is a live-action musical which allows you to become immersed in the pirate theme while eating a range of interesting meals. Performances take place on a center stage designed to look like a pirate ship, and you get a great view from the surrounding tiered seating.


Marconi Automotive Museum

If you are a car-enthusiast, you’re in luck. The Marconi Automotive Museum features a variety of historical, classical and exotic cars for you to view and learn about. What’s even better is that a portion of the admissions fee benefits a variety of children’s charities in Orange County.


Pretend city

Another great place for children, Pretend City offers a variety of activities within the kid-sized city and homes. Children get to pretend that they are doing anything from filling up their car with gas to shopping at the grocery store. It’s a great place to let their imaginations run wild and allow them to have fun for hours.

There are many ways to experience Amerheim other than visiting Disneyland. Rather than sitting around or going to the same theme park every day of your trip, explore a bit and take part in some of the many activities available. There is so much more to do. Book your experiences, accomodation and travel insurance with

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