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Stay connected on your next holiday with a travel sim

The thought of the holiday you’ve been saving up for is exciting, isn’t it? You’re picturing yourself relaxing on the beach, exploring the best sites of a new city, or catching up with friends in a new place. But what if you could stay connected throughout your entire trip? What if you could use your phone to discover new things and get around easily wherever you go? How would that make your holiday even better?

If you’re planning a trip or jetting off soon and want to make sure that you are always connected, then a travel sim could be just what you’re looking for.

Travel sims are prepaid SIM cards that let you use data, which means access to Whatsapp and Facebook, as well as making and receiving calls in your holiday destination. They’re also great for staying connected when travelling abroad and of course, not having to connect to dodgy wifi spots.

No matter how you’re travelling and what your plans are, there’s no doubt that every holiday has a few things in common – you will be exploring a palace, you’ll want to let people know you’ve arrived safely and tell them about your adventures.

  • Use navigation apps like Google Maps to find directions around town (and use them offline too).
  • Book tickets with travel agents or airlines through their websites (they may not be accessible in your home country).
  • Browse and use social media so that friends can see where you’re hanging out on your adventures. has recently launched e-sim packages and an amazing global e-sim that covers 89 countries around the globe, so whether you are doing a world tour or travelling to more than one destination, you can stay connected with no hassle. Feel confident you will experience the fastest mobile internet speeds and save on expensive data roaming costs. Our eSIM cards are delivered to you b4 you travel, so you will be up and running as soon as you land.

Device doesn’t support e-sim? No problem! We also have a wide range of normal travel sim packages and options to choose from. Whether it’s South Africa, Europe or America you are travelling to, we’ve got you covered and connected. Visit to find the perfect sim for your travel needs!

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