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City Sightseeing on a Tourist Bus

Things to think About before Buying the “hop-on hop-off “bus ticket to do your City Sightseeing.

Many major cities offer a hop-on hop-off buses for sightseeing with several different routes however these buses are often hugely popular and there may be a long line at some of the more popular tour stops.   This is particularly true if the bus services a Cruise ship terminal or major tourist hub in a city.

If your group is small enough instead of waiting in the long line for the “hop-on hop-off “our tip is to take a Taxi or Uber to the next stop on the route and inevitably the line will be considerably shorter. Usually the stops between sites is relatively close, traffic is not an issue and there are no surcharges for “jumping the line”.

Buying a ticket online will usually also save you money and time.   The “hop-on hop-off “bus is usually less popular in the afternoons but this naturally leaves less time for stops.  It remains one of the best ways to see most of the sites in the city quickly and affordably within a day.

A great one for South Africa is City Sightseeing offering various routes daily with a main departure point being The Waterfront in Cape Town as well as Gold Reef City in Johannesburg.