Say “Howdy” To These Top Things To Do In Texas

The Lone Star State is the second largest in the USA, so it goes without saying that there’s plenty to see and do if you find yourself passing through this gem of the south. We’ve assembled this list of Texas bucket list sights and activities and we’re sure that you’ll make a point of visiting once you’ve read it!

Enchanted Rock

This enormous pink granite dome is the second largest of its kind in the USA and makes the perfect campout spot to watch the sunset and do some Texan stargazing. The tribes native to the area gave it its magical name, believing it to be haunted, and telling campfire tales that those who dared to spend a full night on it become invisible. We suggest you risk it for the incredible twilight views!



This chain of pit stops is native to central and eastern Texas and if you happen to pass one, you have to stop off for a bite. Satisfy your Southern cravings with sandwiches, freshly cut beef jerky, fudge bars, and an unsurpassed variety of candy for the road. You can also leave with a token beaver branded item so that you can keep a piece of the Buc-ee’s experience forever.

Remember the Alamo


This fort was built in 1744 by Franciscans and played a crucial role in the Texas Revolution. You can visit the restored landmark and the onsite museum, as well as commemorate the fallen soldiers in the cenotaph. This is a fantastic way to learn more about the state the overcame innumerable struggles and feats in the fight for independence from Mexico.

Space Center Houston


You could spend hours exploring the sprawling complex that houses the world’s largest space program. Learn about NASA’s latest projects and upcoming missions, walk inside replicas of a space shuttle and the Skylab space station, touch extraterrestrial rocks, and even chance an encounter with an actual astronaut.

Cadillac Ranch


This public art installation lies along the Amarillo stretch of Route 66 (another Texan icon!) and is comprised of a row of Cadillac shells buried nose first in the sand. While that alone seems worthy of a visit, the real clincher is that visitors can leave their own mark on the exhibit with spray paint, creating a constantly changing canvas.

Cowboy Time

When in the south, do as the southerners do! Be sure to attend one of the many annual rodeo events. This is also the perfect opportunity to dress for the occasion in a good pair of denim jeans, Stetson and cowboy boots!

The Sixth Floor Museum


A book depository may seem an odd must-see site for a tourist, but this Dallas landmark earns a spot on our list as it was from the sixth floor that a fatal gunshot was fired, killing President John F. Kennedy. The entire floor is now a public museum dedicated to the momentous and tragic moment in US history. If you have the time, the nearby John F. Kennedy Memorial monument is also well worth a visit.

Eat Your Fill

Texas is the root of some of the South’s world-renowned culinary staples. Try one of the state’s famed burger joints, slurp up wood-fired oysters, sample a traditional barbecue or some Tex-Mex style chili (the spicier, the better!), conquer over 2kg of steak at Big Texan Steak Ranch, and seek out a chicken fried steak at just about any road side diner (or anything deep fried for that matter!).

This giant state has loads to offer, so we’ve merely skimmed the surface in this list! If you’re planning your visit, be sure to have a look at our USA SIM card options here and ditch the risk of non-secure hotel WiFi.

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