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How to Have a Holiday Without Leaving Home

You were dreaming of lying on the golden sands of a tropical paradise. Maybe you were counting down the days until you boarded a plane for a tour of Europe’s cultural hubs. Perhaps you’d even started packing your bags for your cross country roadtrip… And then coronavirus happened, dashing all hopes of travelling for the foreseeable future and forcing us all into a staycation of the not-so-typical variety. But we’re here to tell you that there’s no need to avoid all the fun and relaxation of a holiday altogether! Here are some holiday activities that you can recreate right from home.

Pick a Destination and Get Creative

Decorate your living room with posters, cutout and decor reminiscent of your dream holiday destination. You can get really creative with this and the internet is a hive of crafts and ideas to turn your home into a country or destination of your choice. You can also dress as you would if you were on vocation – sandals, beach hair, pyjamas; anything goes! It’s your holiday.

Relax With a Spa Day

 No vacation is complete without a little self-care, so give yourself the at-home spa experience. Get your robe and slippers on, set the mood with some calming music, and give yourself a facial complete with clay mask and cucumber slices. If you have someone who’s willing to massage your back and shoulders at the cost of a small bribe, capitalise on the offer! It’s all part of the relaxing experience and will leave you feeling calm and invigorated for the rest of your at-home holiday.

Take an Online Class

Travelling always involves trying something new, so take advantage of the online classes currently available. Learn a new language or learn a traditional dance style. You can even watch some recipe videos and present an authentic foreign dish for the whole family to try.

Enjoy Some Time Alone

You’ll never again have so much free time in your schedule, so make the most of it. Read a book, listen to a new podcast, pull out your old arts and crafts box, knit a sweater, play an instrument, build a puzzle, colour a picture, meditate or simply catch up on sleep. The opportunities are endless!

Take Pictures

We all know that if it’s not on Instagram, it didn’t happen, so be sure to document your stay-home holiday with plenty of pictures for social media. ‘Expectation vs Reality’ shots are a great way to make light of the social distancing regulation impacting everyone’s holiday travel plans. Be sure to tag us in your ‘staycation’ pictures so we can see what you’re getting up to!

There are lots of typical holiday activities that can be replicated from the comfort and safety of home during this unprecedented time. Take advantage of the free time to bond with your family members, spend some time having fun and relaxing, and get into holiday mode. Most importantly, remember to be kind and stay safe.

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