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Eat Your Way Through 2023

Eat Your Way Through 2023

If you’re a self-proclaimed foodie and travel junkie, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up the destinations with the most exciting culinary scenes you’ll want to savour. From dynamic street food to fine dining experiences, we’ve got something for everyone.

South Africa

First up on our list, we’ve got the multicultural nation of South Africa. With fusion dishes blending cultures, a new generation of innovative chefs, and its world renowned vineyards – the country is quickly becoming known for its culinary scene. Our top dish to try? You cannot visit South Africa without experiencing a traditional braai.

Fukuoka, Japan

At the top tip of Kyūshū, you’ll find the friendly and sunny city of Fukuoka. From the incredible mobile food scene to the internationally renowned Hakata ramen, Foodies will delight in the mouth-watering culinary options. Our top dish to try? The most popular, Hakata ramen. A rich pork bone-broth noodle soup that’s absolutely addictive – your trip will be incomplete without it.

Lima, Peru

Synonymous with cevicherías and Pisco cocktails, Lima is the perfect place for fresh seafood and to explore Peruvian cuisine. The country has a variety of microclimates and landscapes, from the coast to mountains to jungle. Lima’s geography along with its diverse cultural landscape has greatly influenced the culinary ingredients available. Our top dish to try? The iconic ceviche. Raw seafood marinated with lime and spices , it combines freshness and tradition.

Montevideo, Uruguay

A secret Foodie destination, Montevideo’s laid-back beaches and (for now) under-the-radar food and wine scene catapults this city to our list of top destinations for 2023. With 660 km of coastline, you can enjoy freshly caught seafood in the once-fortified city that juts out into the gigantic, ocean-like Río de la Plata. Our top dish to try? Experience Asado, a Uruguayan barbecue where you can enjoy mouth-watering meat prepared to order on the parilla (grill).

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