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7 Affordable Ways To Travel Across Europe In 2019


Spending in euros can be limiting especially if you’re travelling on a tight budget! Luckily there are ways to cut corners and spend judiciously. Due to the rise of the sharing economy, there has been a surge in new budget airlines and bus options. Now it looks like the new trend is to get around Europe using these efficient transport services.

Here are new 7 affordable ways to travel through the continent:


Megabus is the ‘IT’ bus to travel through the United Kingdom as well as Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam. The ticket prices can vary from 1-20 pound sterling and is considerably cheap and efficient.


Are you familiar with the hop on/hop off bus service? It’s a popular transport among the backpackers who get to meet other people with the same itinerary and can get on and off on any set routes while travelling with Busabout. Their unlimited passes for $1,499 for six months of travel is the best deal for a long-term period.


Here’s another additional bus transport that’s as user-friendly as Megabus but with even better perks (Wifi, electrical outlets, up to three free bags) at a reasonably good price. German-based FlixBus has routes in 20 European countries and thousands of cities, with prices starting as low as 5 euros.

Budget Airline

With budget airlines, you get to travel at ease with trips as cheap as 1 euro! Disclaimer: You might have to read the rules again before booking any ticket. They are known to be very strict about baggage limits or if you forget to print out your boarding pass. You will otherwise have to pay for extra fees. Skyscanner and Momondo are the go-to’s for anyone who wants to save up yet still travel through an airline!

Eurail Pass

If travelling in a plane or on a bus in Europe is not your cup of tea then you can always try the Eurail Pass out. It’s a much more comfortable option, plus the European rail system is known to be the best and most extensive rail system in the world.

If your goal is to travel around Europe across long distances for longer journeys, the Eurail Pass is the more appropriate choice of transport. Your cost per trip will be a lot more economical than if you were to buy the tickets separately.


BlablaCar is the definition of a car-pool, except cooler! It lets you rideshare with people who have extra space in their car with the same destination as yours and who agree to give you a lift. The rides can cost as little as 5 euros. If you’re a fan of the countryside and you don’t mind the social aspect of BlablaCar, then get riding!

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