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3 Stunning Mpumalanga Waterfalls For Your Next Adventure

Embark on a journey through Mpumalanga, South Africa, as we explore three remarkable waterfalls that stand as breathtaking natural wonders.

Lisbon Falls:

Lisbon Falls, named after the capital city of Portugal, stands as one of Mpumalanga’s most spectacular waterfalls, cascading 92 metres into the valley below. While hiking to the base is no longer possible, numerous panoramic viewpoints from the top offer unparalleled views.

Berlin Falls:

Named by German miners during the gold rush, Berlin Falls is a 45-metre cascade with a crystal-clear sapphire pool at its base. Accessible via a well-marked path and a viewing platform, the falls provide a mesmerising sight.

Mac Mac Falls:

The Mac Mac Falls is the second-highest waterfall in Mpumalanga, at an impressive height of 65 metres. About 2 km from the bottom of the waterfall, you will find the Mac-Mac Pools – here you can swim, cool off under the trees, picnic, and relax.

Mpumalanga’s waterfall treasures offer a glimpse into the wonders of nature, each with its own charm and character. As you plan your next adventure, consider these destinations for an unforgettable experience in South Africa.