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3 Must-do Activities in Stellenbosch

One of South Africa’s most well-known cities is Stellenbosch, which is 45 minutes by car from Cape Town. The majority of tourists travel from Cape Town to this vibrant university town for a day trip, however, as there is so much to do in Stellenbosch, it is highly advised to stay a few days. There are a ton of breathtaking views and attractions spread out over the area that you can enjoy. Here are 3 must-do activities for your trip to Stellies:

Check out a food market

Visit Root 44, a historic market where you can get fresh flowers as well as savoury foods like sushi and borscht. You can decide to visit the Stellenbosch Slowmarket on Saturday to take in the vibrant market scene and shop for anything from free-range chicken to stroopwafels. Seasonal, organic, and ethical production are important to the manufacturers, who are supporters of the global Slow Food movement. Lebanese, Greek, Indian, and Mexican food are among the many international cuisines available at the Blaauklippen Family Market on Sundays.

Pick your own berries

Everyone loves the Polkadraai Strawberry Farm with its huge strawberry fields make up the homestead. Filling your bucket with luscious strawberries that you can enjoy later can take up a whole day in the field but we think it is one of the most fascinating things to do in Stellenbosch.  Keep in mind that although the season for picking is from September to January, there are still numerous benefits to visiting the property during the off-season as it offers a variety of additional activities including mini golf and tractor rides.

Visit Spier Wine Farm

One of the oldest wine estates in South Africa, Spier Wine Estate’s vineyards have been producing wine consistently since 1692. Spier may have become well-known due to its world-class wines, but there is much more to discover and experience besides award-winning wine.  Discover this expansive estate’s hotel, restaurant, art exhibits, craft market, spa amenities, and birds-of-prey attraction by visiting Spier on your next trip to Stellenbosch.

With many more entertaining, exciting, and unique things to do, we highly recommend doing the aforementioned on your next trip to Stellenbosch. You will undoubtedly fall in love with the place and most likely return anyway!

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