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Yebo Sim Card Voice Only

110 Voice


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Yebo Sim Card Voice Only

Yebo Sim Card Voice Only 110 Voice

Sim Card Package Includes

R110 VOICE + SIM Card

  • R110 Call / Text Value
  • Vodacom 4 Less prepaid plan.
  • No Data Included
  • Registered SIM Card
  • Unlimited Free Incoming Calls
  • Unlimited Free Voicemail Retrieval
* Prepaid SIM cards are not suitable for roaming outside of South Africa.
* Standard International Calling is very expensive so we suggest adding the International Calling Plus to benefit for calls from just R0.89 per minute.
* Please note that Data is only valid for 30 days from date of arrival.
  • R0.00
    International Calling Plus reduces your call costs to some locations as low as R0.89/MIN (8 U.S CENTS) Click here for details
    Travel plug adapter details Click here for details