Costs & Calls

Am I getting the best value?

Our call rates within South Africa and internationally together with our data plans are extremely competitive. Vodacom is the largest, fastest and most extensive network in South Africa.

Can I make International calls?

Yes but if you take the International calling plus option your International calls will be considerably cheaper.

Does LTE or 4G cost more?

No. It does not cost more.

Will I be charged for incoming calls?

Incoming calls are free while you are in South Africa.


How long before I arrive will I receive my mobile number?

Mobile numbers will be sent to you by email 5 days before you arrive in South Africa. If you place your order within 5 days of your arrival, then we shall email the mobile number within 24 hours.

What is the procedure when I collect at the airport?

Your order will be waiting at our Vodacom store as designated in your order. You will need to produce your Passport to verify your identity in terms of South Africa’s RICA laws. We understand you have flown a long way so the collection process is quick and easy.


Am I able to load additional airtime and data onto a package?

You can certainly add any amount of data and airtime to our pre designed packages, This can be added via our add on section on the website.

Can your team set up my modem or smart phone?

Absolutely, we are very experienced and it will be our pleasure.

How do I know what package is best suited to me?

This is all dependent on what your usage habits are however most smart phones and iPhones use data so we have designed the perfect package to accommodate your data usage as well as giving you airtime to make calls while in South Africa. The most popular packages are the Duo Sim Plus and Nano Sim Plus which gives you 1Gb of Data as well as R275 airtime.

How long in advance do I need to place my order?

You can order your sim card as far in advance as you wish however please note that orders can only be processed during office hours so orders place on a Saturday or Sunday will only be processed on the following working day (Monday)

What are the operating hours of the airport stores?

Our stores trade between 6am and 10pm however if you are landing slightly later let us know and we will see how we can accommodate your collection.

Why would my payment not go through resulting in a Cancelled Order?

There could be many reasons for this, the most common reason that we have found is that your card issuing bank has declined the transaction. The way to rectify this would be to call your bank and inform them of the transaction and then try again. You can also email us the error code to the and we will give you the exact reason for the failure.

SIM & Technical

Can I buy several SIM cards for group?

Yes, this is not a problem. The normal RICA laws will apply where we need to confirm identity of at least one person in your group.

How does roaming compare in price to buying a local prepaid Vodacom SIM card?

Roaming is considerably more expensive and data roaming charges can be exorbitant resulting in “shock bills “. A local SIM card is usually the cheapest option.

How long will my data stay valid for?

Data expires after 30 days from the date of collection.

How long will my sim card stay active for?

Your sim will stay active indefinitely as long as its being used however should there be no usage in a 3 month period the sim card will deactivate and you will need to purchase a new one on return.

How will I know if the sim card works in my mobile phone?

Most mobile phones are completely unlocked to accept any sim card however it is best to check with your home network if your handset is unlocked. Should you find your mobile phone is locked, we can sell you a low cost, unlocked phone for use in South Africa.

I want to keep my overseas mobile number but find a way to save on data using a local number?

We would suggest you buy a Vodacom data SIM with a router. Then you can switch the expensive data roaming option off on your mobile phone and connect your phone to “wifi only “using your own portable wifi hotspot and save bucket loads of money.

What Sim Card size do I need?

We offer an all in one sim card meaning that the sim card can be clipped out to the sim card size that you need so whether you have an old Nokia or the latest handset our sim cards will fit all models and devices.