Costs & Calls

Does LTE or 4G cost more?

No, it does not cost more.

Is getting a USA T-Mobile sim card the best method of communicating?

Without doubt it is cheaper than any other option by a country mile, that would include roaming and International Travel Sim Cards. There are simply no hidden costs and you have a local number.

What do International Calls cost?

Call costs vary by country whether you are calling a landline or mobile. Non discounted calling on average costs $2.00 per minute.

By adding the International Calling add on or buying a plan with this included it will allow you unlimited FREE International calling to 80 countries Landline and Mobiles.

Countries not included are then also charged at a drastically reduced rate of $0.10 on average per minute.

Will I be charged for incoming calls?

Incoming calls are free while you are in the USA.


How long before I arrive will I receive my mobile number?

With standard delivery we will inform you of your mobile phone number at least 6 days before your arrival. If you select expedited delivery, we will inform you within 48 hours of your order.

How long in advance do I need to place my order?

Standard is 6 or more days before your arrival. We offer expedited delivery for orders placed less than 6 and more than 3 days before your arrival.

What if I am not staying at a hotel?

We will ship to whatever address in the US you would like. Make sure to include a contact name and phone number for a person at that address.

What will I receive at my Hotel?

You will received a envelope that has your activated SIM along with basic instructions along with any travel accessories you may have ordered.


Who is

B4iTravel is a consortium of local mobile phone providers in various countries committed to delivering reliable cost effective mobile solutions for travellers.

Will my wall charger work in the USA?

Yes, but you will need a plug adapter.


Can I expect coverage everywhere?

No. While T-Mobile has one of the largest mobile footprints covering all major metropolitan areas, it is simply impossible to cover some remote areas or places

Does LTE or 4G cost more?

No, it does not cost more.

If I make regular trips to the US will my SIM stay active beyond the 30 days?

Yes. The SIM along with your phone number will remain active for 60 days after your current package expires.  Additional credit (which you can add online) will extend the expiry date.

Why T-Mobile?

T-mobile is a GSM network (uses SIM cards) and has an extensive 4G LTE high speed network covering over 300 million people in the US.

Will my SIM card work immediately?

Yes, it has been activated for your convenience.

SIM & Technical

Am I able to load additional airtime and data onto a package?

Yes. You can add additional airtime, data, and international credits on T-Mobile’s website in the US as well T-Mobile stores, and most convenience stores.

Can I buy several SIM cards for group?


Do I need to change any settings to use data on my mobile phone or tablet using an American SIM?

Your mobile phone or Tablet should automatically update the settings (also referred to as the APN settings). However, if they do not update, we have provided a handy instruction sheet with your SIM card or you can visit any T-Mobile store and they can set it up, it just takes a few minutes.

How does a prepaid SIM compare to using roaming?

With a prepaid SIM there are no surprises when you return home. You know exactly what you are spending. You are paying the same rates as a local so nothing can be cheaper.

How long will my SIM card stay active for?

Your sim card will remain active for 60 days with no top up or usage.

What is the advantage of pre purchasing my sim card?

Besides the obvious reason of receiving your number in advance the biggest advantage is that there is no waiting once you have arrived for your sim card to be active as this is all done for you before arrival.

The Networks advise that you may have to wait 24 hours before your sim card is active when purchasing on arrival.