Our Top Ten Travel Tips

  • Always buy in local currency on your credit card when given the option of your home currency by the store, you’re going to be paying a premium on the exchange rate in the store.
  • Form a whatsapp group with the group you are travelling with before you leave. This will help you to communicate any last-minute travel changes, delays or anything related to the group.
  • When in a new city try always order in a restaurant what the regulars and locals order...they always know best.
  • If you have a flight connection always take a fresh set of underware and a toothbrush, it will make you feel instantly fresh.
  • Never travel hungry or thirsty, you never know how long you will be sitting on the plane, pack a snack bar use only in an emergency.
  • Check for your passport as you get into the car for the airport, really the only two things you need is your credit card and passport. Your passport should be Valid for at least 3 months and have several blank pages to be valid for travel.
  • Travel with a noise cancelling head set, the soft sponge of an over ear headset is far more comfortable than an in-ear headset for longer journeys.
  • Always pack in a multi country power plug, while some hotels have USB charging ports, the majority do not.
  • Always carry two different credit cards and separate them just in case, put one in your wallet and the other one in you case.
  • Finally always travel with a few passport size pictures of yourself and a copy of your Passport and visas.

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