Call Costs: South Africa


Airtime is widely available in South Africa, and can be purchased at most convenience stores, petrol stations and all major national retail chains. If you are travelling to remote parts of South Africa or national parks such as the Kruger, it is advisable to ensure you have enough airtime before you head out. Airtime is sold in various denominations with the most popular denominations being R5, R12, R29, R55, R110 and R275. A R1000 voucher which includes 10% extra credit is also a good option for long stays. FREE incoming calls, incoming SMSs, (national or international) & voicemail retrieval within the borders of South Africa.
[cost cat="anytime-per-second-domestic-calls" plan="Domestic Calls"] [cost cat="anytime-per-second-messaging" plan="Messaging"] [cost cat="anytime-per-second-voicemail" plan="Voicemail"]
[cost cat="daily-free-calls-domestic-calls" plan="Domestic Calls"] [cost cat="daily-free-calls-messaging" plan="Messaging"] [cost cat="daily-free-calls-voicemail" plan="Voicemail"]

Standard Plan

When buying a Vodacom Prepaid Starter Pack, you're automatically on the Vodacom 4 Less price plan. This gives you up to 100% discount on calls throughout the day, depending on the time of day and your location. To view your discount dial *111*444#, FREE from your cellphone. Pay a standard per minute rate of R2.60 before the discount for Vodacom-to-Vodacom calls and R2.89 to other networks. [cost cat="vodacom-4-less-domestic-calls" plan="Domestic Calls"] [cost cat="vodacom-4-less-messaging" plan="Messaging"] [cost cat="vodacom-4-less-voicemail" plan="Voicemail"]