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Christmas Lights in South Africa

Spending the festive season in sunny South Africa? Good choice!

While you might not be getting that dreamy white Christmas you see in the movies, we can guarantee that a South African Festive Season certainly packs all the vibes you need to have a wonderful holiday!

We want to share 3 articles to help you make the most of the Festive Season whether you’re in Cape Town, Durban or Johannesburg! has put together 3 great places for you to catch the Christmas lights when you are in Jozi, check it out here>>>

Although Durban has beaches to enjoy, there is also the beautiful Trail of Lights at the Durban Botanical Gardens for you to marvel at. Get your tickets here>>>,Africa’s%20oldest%20surviving%20botanic%20garden!

Last but not least, the Mother City, Cape Town, is where you will find all the action this December. Check out this article by for a list of exciting festive activities to get up to in CPT this December! >>>

Enjoy soaking up all the (South) African sun on your travels to sunny South Africa while enjoying the Festive Season this December!

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Stay connected on your next holiday with a travel sim

The thought of the holiday you’ve been saving up for is exciting, isn’t it? You’re picturing yourself relaxing on the beach, exploring the best sites of a new city, or catching up with friends in a new place. But what if you could stay connected throughout your entire trip? What if you could use your phone to discover new things and get around easily wherever you go? How would that make your holiday even better?

If you’re planning a trip or jetting off soon and want to make sure that you are always connected, then a travel sim could be just what you’re looking for.

Travel sims are prepaid SIM cards that let you use data, which means access to Whatsapp and Facebook, as well as making and receiving calls in your holiday destination. They’re also great for staying connected when travelling abroad and of course, not having to connect to dodgy wifi spots.

No matter how you’re travelling and what your plans are, there’s no doubt that every holiday has a few things in common – you will be exploring a palace, you’ll want to let people know you’ve arrived safely and tell them about your adventures.

  • Use navigation apps like Google Maps to find directions around town (and use them offline too).
  • Book tickets with travel agents or airlines through their websites (they may not be accessible in your home country).
  • Browse and use social media so that friends can see where you’re hanging out on your adventures. has recently launched e-sim packages and an amazing global e-sim that covers 89 countries around the globe, so whether you are doing a world tour or travelling to more than one destination, you can stay connected with no hassle. Feel confident you will experience the fastest mobile internet speeds and save on expensive data roaming costs. Our eSIM cards are delivered to you b4 you travel, so you will be up and running as soon as you land.

Device doesn’t support e-sim? No problem! We also have a wide range of normal travel sim packages and options to choose from. Whether it’s South Africa, Europe or America you are travelling to, we’ve got you covered and connected. Visit to find the perfect sim for your travel needs!

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Local is Lekker This December

Breathtakingly beautiful, South Africa is home to semi-desserts, rainforests, scenic cities, world-class beaches, mountains and the African bush. With a diverse landscape the opportunities for activities and endless – making it the perfect summer holiday destination.

With so much variety to offer, we’ve curated a list of unique experiences. 

Cape Town

Known as the Mother City, Cape Town is home to jaw-dropping scenic views. From mountains to beaches and world-famous Winelands, there are a wide variety of outdoor activities to do. Our recommendation? A sunrise hike on Lion’s Head and wine tasting. 

The Garden Route

Covering the most spectacular parts of South Africa, the Garden Route stretches for miles. Take a road trip and experience forests, beaches, mountains, a captivating coastline and incredible nature. Our recommendation? Don’t skip Tsitsikamma National Park. Go for a hike on one of the many trails and cross the suspension bridge over the Indian Ocean. 

Kwa-Zulu Natal 

Boasting two World Heritage Sites and home to subtropical beaches and fantastic game reserves, it’s an ideal holiday destination. Our recommendation? Take a road trip down the Wild Coast. With incredible coastline, craggy cliffs and secluded bays, you don’t want to miss it. 

Kruger National Park 

The Kruger National Park is made up of nearly 2 million hectares of land with an unrivalled diversity of life and historical and archaeological sights – making it South Africa’s largest game reserve and one of the finest wildlife sanctuaries on the planet. Our recommendation? Take a nighttime safari. It’s the best way to see wildlife in their natural habitat. 

Can’t decide on what to do? Plan a trip coastline to coastline. Check out for all your travel necessities. 

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5 European Cities to Make Your Winter Wonderland Dreams Come True

Yeah, the warmer weather is nice, but have you ever had mulled wine under the stars or a real hot chocolate in a riverside Belgian café? We’re here to make a serious case for a blissful European winter. With many inexpensive activities, outdoor adventures and cosy experiences – It’s well worth travelling for. 

Prague, Czech Republic

From mouth-watering Czech cuisine and enchanting Christmas markets to narrow cobblestoned pathways and historic monuments, Prague will transport you into a fairytale. Our bucket list recommendation? Wake up early to watch the sunrise from St. Charles Bridge.

Vienna, Austria

One of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Vienna is a must-see, especially during the winter season. With imperial architecture, magnificent museums, a classical music scene and cute cafes, the city has loads to offer. Our bucket list recommendation? Watch free outdoor simulcasts of the opera and visit Schönbrunn Palace and St. Charles Church.

Bergen, Norway

With colourful wooden buildings, a scenic harbour and sweeping views of the surrounding fjords – Bergen is an idyllic Nordic village. Our bucket list recommendation? View the Northern Lights in their peak season. I mean, it doesn’t get better than that, does it? 


Snow-shrouded canals, cobblestone streets and cosy restaurants with hearty Dutch cuisine, does it get better? Yes it does! Our bucket list recommendation? The Amsterdam Light Festival. Illuminating the streets and waterways, these light installations from all over the world is a must-see experience. 

Bruges, Belgium

Europe’s best preserved Medieval city. With gorgeous gothic architecture, cobblestone streets, winding canals and light displays, Bruges is magical during the holiday season. Our bucket list recommendation? Indulge in a mug of Belgian hot chocolate in the historic Craenenburg Cafe.

Can’t wait to start planning your next trip? Be sure to check out for all your travel essentials. 

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How to Travel For Less This Holiday Season 

The year may be winding to an end, but the festivities are just about to begin. With the pandemic mostly behind us, it is safe to say that we are all itching to celebrate in some way or another. 

With many of us planning to travel for the first time in two years, and eager to finally spend the holidays with our friends and family – how do we do so without breaking the bank? We’ve curated a list of top tips to help you make the most of the holiday season for less.

Make Travel Plans Early

This one is simple and can make a huge difference. The earlier you book the better. If you’re planning to visit loved ones or treat yourself to a travel adventure, the time to book is now. As availability becomes less, prices tend to skyrocket. Save yourself money and the hassle of last-minute planning. 

Fly on the Holiday

Here’s the trick, flying on the actual holiday is significantly cheaper than flying on the days around it. Yes, you read correctly! Opt for a Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years flight and you could be saving a lot of money (while still making the most of the festive period). 

Be Flexible

No, we don’t mean contort your body. Be flexible with your dates and even airports. Landing a day or two earlier or later at a smaller airport could save you hundreds. 

Use Your Accrued Rewards

Whether it’s unused cash-back rewards, points or miles, Credit Card rewards are a great way to save money this holiday season. Start by looking at what you can get for free. If you have any loyalty programs maybe to a restaurant or hotel chain, check if you can use those too. Every bit counts. 

Use Technology 

Subscribing to newsletters and checking out apps are great ways to stay abreast of the latest deals. Sign up for price alerts on sites like Google Flights and Kayak. This way you can jump on discounted rates as they go live. Apps and blogs will also have a filter option, so you can filter your accommodation and transport options according to your budget. 

There you have it! A few simple tips that could help you save big, while still uniting with your loved ones this festive period. Remember to visit to book your flights, hotels, and more before your next adventure!

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Looking for wheels for your next holiday?

So you’re looking for wheels while on your next holiday? Car hire is a convenient way to get around and explore a local area. However, it can be expensive if you don’t pre-book your car hire in advance or worse, there may not be availability of a car within your budget.

Why you need to book car hire in advance:

Booking in advance is the best way to save money on car hire. Car rental companies offer special deals for people who book in advance and can save you up to 50% compared to booking on the day. It also allows you to choose a car size and type that suits your needs, whereas if you book at the airport or on the day of travel, there may not be a choice available and this could mean getting an unsatisfactory vehicle.

The earlier you book, the cheaper your car hire will be. If you’re planning on renting a car for your holiday, then it’s important to bear in mind that availability is very limited especially in European countries and prices are high when demand is high.

It’s also worth noting that many car hires have minimum age requirements so make sure that whoever is driving has passed their test before committing yourself to paying extra charges!

If you’re planning to rent a car while on holiday, it’s always worth checking the terms and conditions of your rental contract. Car hire companies often don’t have any cancellation fees if you cancel at least 24 hours before the start of your rental. Some companies may not allow cancellations at all, and some may charge a fee for late cancellations.

The good news:

You now have real-time access to all major transportation providers thanks to a partnership between CarTrawler and With the help of our live feed, you can compare the top international car rental companies’ rates in more than 50,000 locations worldwide. You’ll not only save money by booking your car ahead of time, but you’ll also feel more secure when travelling. Think using, but for cars. 

Ready to secure your holiday ride? Head over to our website to book your car hire before you travel!

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Celebrating Heritage Month in South Africa

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If ever there was a day to celebrate the Rainbow Nation of South Africa, 24 September would be it. South Africans celebrate their heritage and the rich and immensely diverse melting pot of cultures that makes up their country on the 24th of September every year – known as Heritage Day or “Braai Day”. 

“Umuntu Ngumuntu Ngabantu,” which translates to “A person is a person because of people,” is a proverb used in South Africa. This saying, in our opinion, transcends linguistic and cultural barriers and perfectly encapsulates the essence of respect, love, and harmony between all cultures, the same idea behind Heritage Day!

September is designated as Heritage Month in the country, and the entire month is devoted to Heritage Day. Greater social cohesiveness and a sense of a common national identity are promoted by this holiday! The day is set aside for contemplation on the present, nostalgia for the past, and appreciation for all that South Africa has to offer!

The population of South Africa is estimated to be 59,308,690, and counting, with 11 official languages, including English, Afrikaans, isiZulu, isiXhosa, isiNdebele, Sesotho, Northern Sotho, Setswana, SiSwati, Tshivenda, and Xitsonga, South Africans are a very interesting and diverse group of people. The purpose of Heritage Day is to acknowledge and celebrate the rich cultural variety of the nation as well as the traditions and rituals that make South Africans who they are.

The day is usually celebrated with people wearing their traditional clothes, sharing their traditional food with each other and embracing the many different cultures alive in South Africa. Apart from this, hosting a braai with friends and family is also deemed as a perfect way to celebrate the day!

The heritage of South Africa is something we should all be proud of, and that’s why it is important to celebrate Heritage Day each year. It doesn’t matter what colour you are or where you come from; everyone has a little bit of history in them somewhere. So go out there and make sure everyone knows how special their culture is!

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3 Must-do Activities in Stellenbosch

One of South Africa’s most well-known cities is Stellenbosch, which is 45 minutes by car from Cape Town. The majority of tourists travel from Cape Town to this vibrant university town for a day trip, however, as there is so much to do in Stellenbosch, it is highly advised to stay a few days. There are a ton of breathtaking views and attractions spread out over the area that you can enjoy. Here are 3 must-do activities for your trip to Stellies:

Check out a food market

Visit Root 44, a historic market where you can get fresh flowers as well as savoury foods like sushi and borscht. You can decide to visit the Stellenbosch Slowmarket on Saturday to take in the vibrant market scene and shop for anything from free-range chicken to stroopwafels. Seasonal, organic, and ethical production are important to the manufacturers, who are supporters of the global Slow Food movement. Lebanese, Greek, Indian, and Mexican food are among the many international cuisines available at the Blaauklippen Family Market on Sundays.

Pick your own berries

Everyone loves the Polkadraai Strawberry Farm with its huge strawberry fields make up the homestead. Filling your bucket with luscious strawberries that you can enjoy later can take up a whole day in the field but we think it is one of the most fascinating things to do in Stellenbosch.  Keep in mind that although the season for picking is from September to January, there are still numerous benefits to visiting the property during the off-season as it offers a variety of additional activities including mini golf and tractor rides.

Visit Spier Wine Farm

One of the oldest wine estates in South Africa, Spier Wine Estate’s vineyards have been producing wine consistently since 1692. Spier may have become well-known due to its world-class wines, but there is much more to discover and experience besides award-winning wine.  Discover this expansive estate’s hotel, restaurant, art exhibits, craft market, spa amenities, and birds-of-prey attraction by visiting Spier on your next trip to Stellenbosch.

With many more entertaining, exciting, and unique things to do, we highly recommend doing the aforementioned on your next trip to Stellenbosch. You will undoubtedly fall in love with the place and most likely return anyway!

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5 Great Hiking Trails in South Africa

South Africa is a great place to go hiking. The climate is mild all year-round, and there’s no shortage of beautiful landscapes to explore. Whether you’re looking for a long hike or just a short one, we’ve rounded up 5 great trails that should be at the top of your bucket list:

1- Platteklip Gorge- Cape Town

Platteklip Gorge is a 3.5km trail that takes hikers uphill to the top of Table Mountain via a steep, rocky path. The hike is strenuous but worth it for the views from the top, which include Cape Town as well as The Twelve Apostles mountain range. If you’re looking for an easier trail option, there are several viewing platforms along this hike where you can stop for a break and enjoy your surroundings before continuing on your journey.


2 – Cecilia Waterfall via Cecilia Forest – Cape Town

Cecilia Forest is host to a number of beautiful paths weaving in between the leafy trees and trickling streams. While there are plenty of flat and wide contour paths for a leisurely afternoon stroll, the hike to Cecilia Waterfall is a slightly more strenuous option if you want more than just a meander. The reward of the waterfall at the top is amazing and you’ll find yourself standing in awe of its beauty. The waterfall is best straight after the rain making the hike to Cecilia Waterfall the perfect way to clear the cobwebs after a few rainy days stuck in doors.


3 – Hennops Krokodilberg Route – Johannesburg

The Hennops Krokodilberg Route is a challenging trail, but the views are definitely worth it. The trail starts at the Hennops Dam, in the foothills of the Magaliesberg Mountains. From there, you’ll hike up a steep path past waterfalls and rock formations to end up at one of three lookouts with stunning views of Johannesburg and its surroundings. If you prefer less elevation gain and more time spent on top of your feet (instead of climbing), then this could be your best option for an afternoon hike in Johannesburg.


4 – Tsitsikamma Coastal Forest Trail – Garden Route

The trail is located in the Tsitsikamma National Park, which borders the Indian Ocean on South Africa’s eastern coast. The park covers an area of about 1,500 square kilometers and is famous for its natural beauty. There are many hiking trails in the park, but this one is one of the most accessible for hikers who want to see both cliffs and wildlife. The trail can be completed in five hours, but it does get steep at times so be prepared with good walking shoes (and maybe even some snacks). This trail is also great because there are plenty of spots along the way where you can stop to enjoy views of nearby mountains.

5 – Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens – Johannesburg

Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens is located in Johannesburg. Generally considered a moderately challenging route, it takes an average of 1 h 25 min to complete. This is a popular trail for birding, hiking, and walking but you can still enjoy some solitude during quieter times of the day.


Hiking trails in South Africa are an excellent way to get out and explore the country’s spectacular natural beauty. We hope to see you exploring the great outdoors during your next trip to sunny South Africa. Remember to explore your world and stay connected with b4i travel.

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Our top holiday destinations for 2022

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Get ready to start packing your bags! These are our top holiday destinations for 2022. With the December holidays around the corner, you’re probably looking to plan for your next vacation – we have compiled a list of some of the top holiday destinations that we’re sure you’ll be interested in visiting. From idyllic beaches to breathtaking mountain vistas, there’s something on this list for everyone. So start packing your bags and get ready for an unforgettable trip!

Istanbul, Turkey

The largest city in Turkey, Istanbul is a beautiful place to visit. From shopping to sightseeing to food, there’s a lot to explore in this vibrant city.  You can explore the many museums and historical sites or shop at some of the best stores around. The food here is also amazing, so don’t forget to try all the delicious cuisine! December – February is winter in Turkey, which means that you could pay less for your trip because it is their off-peak season.

Bali, Indonesia

A bit of a bucket-list destination for many travellers, Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia. The island is known for its beaches and temples—but there are also plenty of opportunities to explore both culture and nature during your trip. From visiting a traditional Balinese village to taking advantage of those great beaches or checking out some local markets, there’s no shortage of things to do on this island paradise. Even though temperatures average around 27°C – 30°C , be sure to carry a rain jacket if you’re travelling in December because it is also the rainy season.

Zanzibar, Tanzania

Zanzibar is an archipelago consisting of three islands (Zanzibar, Pemba and Mafia) off the coast of Tanzania. It has a rich history and culture that dates back to the 12th century. The island is known for its beautiful beaches, resorts and hotels. Enjoy all of this and more during your sunny vacation in Zanzibar and packing in a rain jacket or two might be a good idea.

London, UK

London is a very popular tourist destination for many reasons. It is one of the most expensive cities in the world to visit, but it is also one of the best places to go for a holiday or vacation. London has so much to offer its visitors that you could spend your whole life there and still not see everything that it has to offer. Visitors can take day trips out into the surrounding countryside or even lounge around on a beach if they wish! The city itself offers many historical attractions as well as modern shopping centers and restaurants where you can sample some delicious local cuisine while enjoying panoramic views of Tower Bridge or Buckingham Palace! London is known for its rainy, cold weather and visiting in December is no exception. Expect cold, wet weather in December and pack accordingly.

Paris, France

Paris is the capital of France, and it’s also one of the most visited cities in the world. It has several famous landmarks such as Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Arc de Triomphe and Champs-Elysees. Paris is a city with a rich history. Its architecture dates back to Roman times when they built what we now know as Notre Dame Cathedral on an island in the Seine River. Even though you are going to need to layer up because of the colder weather in Paris in December, you will probably experience smaller crowds and not have to wait long in touristy areas. (Exceptions around the holidays)

Venice, Italy

This is a city of canals, bridges and islands. Its beauty is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We suggest you visit Venice in the winter; it’s cold but beautiful. The city has 300 bridges that cross watery thoroughfares and its famous Grand Canal leads to the Piazza San Marco (St Mark’s Square). This glittering square was once the hub of Venetian life but now it’s home to pigeons and tourists! If you want to see something really special then visit the Basilica di San Marco on St Mark’s day (25th April). In summer there are always plenty of festivals going on so if you’re planning ahead then check out what’s on when you get there. Just like the rest of Europe, Venice is in their winter season in December, and there is a chance of flooding, so you would need to pack accordingly.

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is a popular destination for holidays, honeymoons, and romantic getaways. The city’s popularity can be attributed to its natural beauty—the surrounding mountains make for some stunning views—and the fact that it’s home to Table Mountain National Park, which has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999. With temperatures averaging around 32°C, you can enjoy the sunny and warm weather in Cape Town in December. If you’re looking to relax on your next holiday trip or honeymoon, Cape Town is the perfect place for you!

We hope you enjoyed reading about our top holiday destinations in 2022. We think that it’s always good to know where you’re going and why. Don’t forget to stay connected with a travel sim from b4i travel on your next holiday! >