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Croatia – A Fast-Growing Holiday Destination

Croatia is one of the fastest-growing holiday destinations among international travellers. Here are a few examples of what all the fuss is about and why you should probably visit the country as soon as you get a chance:

It’s hot – all year round

As one of the sunnier parts of Europe, you will get an average of 12 hours of sun per day and warm temperatures throughout the year.

Visit GOT’s King’s Landing

If you are a Game of Thrones fan, you will be able to visit some of the television series’ main locations, including King’s Landing and the Red Keep’s gardens.  We recommend a guided tour with insights not only into the GOT production but also the areas rich history. You can pre-book a tour through Viator – a Trip Advisor Company here

Magnificent Roman amphitheatre

The city of Pula contains a first-century Roman amphitheatre which is one of the best-preserved in the world. If you time your visit right, you can go to the annual film festival which hosts screenings inside.

Spectacular beaches

Croatia is well-known for its beautiful pebbled beaches with crystal clear waters. Although some are more popular and may get crowded, you can easily find a few hidden beaches to relax away from the crowds.

A hike up a mountain is right by the beach

At 1762m high, Sveti Jure is Croatia’s second-highest mountain peak. Lying only a few miles from the beaches, you can follow the trails bursting with wildflowers and butterflies to the top and then follow with a swim in the ocean when you get back down.

A dedicated coffee culture

The capital city, Zagreb, is filled with cafes. The locals take their coffee drinking very seriously so, if you love coffee, this is the place to be.

An interesting take on relationships

The Museum of Broken Relationships features seemingly insignificant objects which are accompanied by text which explains their relevance in failed relationships. Although not your usual museum to visit, it has proven to be quite popular and you might find it quite interesting. 

The island with white stone

The island of Brac is well-known for the magnificent white stone which has been used to build palaces and even the White House in Washington DC. The island also has a number of abandoned villages which you can explore.

Summer music festivals

There are some great music festivals during the summer. If you are looking for some of the bigger ones, try going to Love International Festival, Fresh Island or Dimensions Festival.

Dubrovnik, the bucket list city

As one of the world’s bucket list cities, Dubrovnik is a city that you need to add to your list too. You can walk the walls of the city before they close, dine at amazing restaurants or visit an old bar that overlooks the ocean.

Snorkel a WWII shipwreck

There is a German ship from the Second World War which you can go and explore in Zavratnica Bay. It’s certainly an interesting way to look at a historical ship. 

Dinosaurs loved it here

When dinosaurs were around, the Istria peninsula was filled with them. You can see the footprints in the Brijuni National Park or just go to the dinosaur-themed rides at Dinopark Funtana.

So, whether you are looking for a beach holiday in the sun, want to visit your favourite TV show’s iconic cities, or you want to experience something similar to Jurassic Park, Croatia has it all and more. If you want that extra bit of warmth and entertainment, head over during the summer and you will have a blast. simplifies your communication needs when travelling and takes the risk out of high international roaming costs. We offer a range of pre-loaded, pre-activated and pre-registered world travel SIM cards so you’ll be connected when you arrive in the country you are visiting. Tourists, students and businessmen have been talking like a local in South Africa, USA, Europe with since 2010. It’s time to ‘Explore your world’.

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