How long will my data stay valid for?

Data expires after 30 days from the date that the order is loaded. An order is generally loaded 1 to 2 days prior to collection date on the order.

How long will my sim card stay active for?

Your sim will stay active indefinitely as long as its being used however should there be no usage in a 3 month period the sim card will deactivate and you will need to purchase a new one on return.

Am I getting the best value?

Our call rates within South Africa and internationally together with our data plans are extremely competitive. Vodacom is the largest, fastest and most extensive network in South Africa.

What is the procedure when I collect at the airport?

Your order will be waiting at our Vodacom store as designated in your order. You will need to produce your Passport to verify your identity in terms of South Africa’s RICA laws. We understand you have flown a long way so the collection process is quick and easy.