5 Apps to Turn Your Trip into a Food Adventure

Nothing invites you to immerse yourself into the culture of a destination as much as delicious food, as you experience a city through its aromas and flavours on a sensory expedition. Awaken your inner foodie as you delve into a food adventure discovering the best flavour-filled hotspots, exclusive culinary experiences and diverse food options North America has to offer.

Chefs Feed

You no longer have to falter your food adventures at the recommendations of wannabe food critics and soapbox experts. With Chefs Feed, you get a privileged view of the world’s best chefs who share their top local restaurant choices, best-loved spots, and favourite dishes and desserts that can satisfy the cravings of any seasoned taste buds. It takes the guesswork out of finding a great place to eat in a new city when you discover where the local chefs eat and what they eat. Click here to download Chefs Feed.

Off The Menu

Take your food adventures off the beaten path as the “Off The Menu” app invites you to become an insider as you explore previously exclusive food discoveries and secret taste experiences only available to those in-the-know. You’re able to track down a city’s tastiest off-menu dishes, hidden from the general public, through a curated list of lesser-known secrets from restaurants, bars and cafes across North America. Click here to download Off The Menu.


If you’ve ever been to a good restaurant and had a disappointing dish or ate an amazing meal at an average restaurant then Foodspotting is the app to favour your food adventures. Roving foodies help to discover the best dishes by creating a visual guide of their favourite choices at a particular restaurant by rating and sharing the photos of their meals. It works in any city and small town and enables you to discover new options and local haunts to find good food anywhere. Click here to download Foodspotting.

Eat St.

As you explore a city distracted by the sights and sounds you suddenly become aware of your intense hunger pangs. Thankfully, the street food revolution in North America is cooking and there’s a choice feast of mobile eateries to still any rumbling. The Eat St. app can direct you to the best street food dishes in the city, as verified by the experts, through a database of over 8,000 mobile vendors. Locate and explore the live food truck map with this interactive app of traveling deliciousness. Click here to download Eat St.


As a traveler you may be curious about discovering the diverse food and cultural potential of cities in its most authentic form. Feastly has become a growing community where passionate local chefs can express their culinary creativity by hosting adventurous eaters in the warm, inviting comfort of their homes to create authentic food experiences. These immersive encounters create unforgettable social culinary adventures, as you taste the city with locals. Click here to download Feastly.

Whether your choice is suggestions from top local chefs or foodies, discovering secret menus, exploring the street food phenomenon or feasting on hearty, home-cooked meals, there’s an app to help you fulfill your food adventures.

Stop WhatsApp Images from Appearing in your Camera Roll

If you’re using WhatsApp to send and received holiday snaps you might know that it automatically downloads and saves the images and videos sent by others to the Camera Roll. This can quickly fill your memory, cluttering it with unwanted media, which takes up prime space that could be better used for other things.

Luckily, it is pretty simple to disable the auto-download function of WhatsApp.

Option 1: Your Phone Settings

– Go to “Settings” on your device. Then scroll down and tap on “Privacy”

– Tap on “Photos” and turn off the switch for WhatsApp

Any images or videos sent will stay within WhatsApp and won’t get stored in your Camera Roll.

Option 2: Whatsapp Settings

– Open WhatsApp and tap on “Settings” (Bottom menu bar – cogwheel)

– Tap on “Chats”

– Disable the switch for “Save Incoming Media”. By default this is set to on, which is green

This will stop Whatsapp from saving any media to your “Camera Roll”.

Saving Specific Images and Videos

You can save specific photos or videos to your Camera Roll by manually tapping on the images and video, then clicking the “Share” button and selecting “Save Image/Save Video”.

And there you go, less memes in your camera roll and more room for capturing new moments.

How to change your number on WhatsApp before travelling

Most travellers make use of local prepaid SIM cards when abroad, and most bring their own devices along. When inserting your new SIM, even if it’s temporary, WhatsApp will require you to verify your new number. If your new number is registered and activated, and you have the app already downloaded on your phone, you can simply navigate to Settings → Account → Change Number.




WhatsApp offers convenience at your fingertips, and makes it so easy to stay in contact with friends and family back home. After changing your number, make sure that your contacts have it so that they are able reach you.

Click here for more information and detailed steps.

The top travel apps to download b4 you travel to the USA

You want to make the most of your time abroad. So which apps are going to stand you in good stead when you visit the United States of America? Read on and get your app store ready.


Available in over 30 countries worldwide, this is your go-to app for transport. It’s even more integrated in terms of journey planning than Google.

It helps you get where you need to be by providing you with information on nearby Ubers, cycle routes, departure and arrival times of public transport systems and more. It even tells you how long your journey will take by jetpack!


Click here to learn more about Citymapper.


Even though you’ll get by fine with English, American cities are cosmopolitan; it’ll be good for you to know a bit of foreign banter. This app works like a child’s computer game by taking you through ‘levels’ during which you’ll learn to get the basics of a new language.


Click here to learn more about Duolingo.

XE Currency

This app is able to give you coverage of current exchange rates – very handy if you are on a budget with your home-base currency.


Click here to learn more about XE Currency.


If you are travelling as a group and sharing costs, this app keeps track of who spends how much on what, so everyone can split the bill evenly without an argument come the end of the journey.


Click here to learn more about Splittr.


Tripit takes all of your transport and accommodation emails and compacts it into a handy scheduled travel document. This comes in handy for time management, and saves you the hassle of carrying around paperwork and taking notes.


Click here to read more about Tripit.

Free Wifi Finder

This app is sure to be a favourite as it helps you find free WiFi hotspots in more than 50 countries.


Click here to learn more about WiFi Finder.

Google Photos

We’ve all experienced that moment when we’re having a good time taking photos and your phone runs out of storage and you start going through your pics deleting, arg! Well with Google Photos you’ll never run out of storage again. Their smarter albums are great for all your adventures along with fun animations, movies and more.


Click here to learn more about Google Photos.

With these apps and some good cheer, you’re bound to have a ball of a time abroad in the States!

Btrfly Lounge – the social app for airports

When travelling alone, waiting at the airport can be a dull experience to say the least! There is only so much duty free shopping one can do before you are beyond bored.
Cue the entry of Btrfly Lounge:

Get App here

“btrfly connects air travellers in real-time and real life. You can chat and meet up with people travelling on the same flight – or someone just passing through the same airport. Create your own profile, then simply check in with your flight number to see who else is heading your way, browse traveler profiles, request connections, and share your travel experiences. Make flying more social today – with btrfly.”

It is a great way to connect with other travellers on the same flight and the possibilities are endless, share a cab, get someone into a business lounge or just hook up for a coffee or drink, or arrange to sit together on the flight.

App is available on iOS and Android.

Update your phones address book before you travel abroad

Update Your Phone’s Contact List with Places and People you Intend to Visit

Whether you are using your regular phone or a travel phone, make sure to add the phone numbers and address of the places (hotels, restaurants, friends, business associates, airlines) and people you plan on visiting to your contacts or address book. 

This will make calling and using maps easier (no need to look up numbers or google for contact details while you are traveling).

If you are planning on calling outside of the USA, make sure those numbers have the country code as part of their phone number.

Use an app to create your detailed itinerary

If you on a multi destination journey it can be stressful trying to manage airline tickets, hotel reservation confirmation forms so why not let technology make it easier by using an app?

Free programs and apps like Tripit can make building your itinerary with related details (address, phone number, rate, confirmation number, flight details, dates, etc.) easy.  You can let the app read your email or just forward emails to Tripit (or similar apps) once you have an account.  The app will self-populate your itinerary.  No need to hunt around for the details while you are on the go.

Check it out here https://www.tripit.com

How to share your location in realtime

Trying to explain where you are in a foreign city can be very confusing for everyone.  Also great for your family if you are going out for a walk, run, etc. 

Most of us use Whatsapp, and it’s simple enough to share your location via the app – another alternative if you are traveling or meeting others is Glympse, which is also a free app. Just remember sharing locations and using apps consume data so always ensure you have a local data bundle.

How to download Google Maps for mobile and use offline

When travelling in a new city, it is often difficult to find your way and when you get lost always great to be able to open Google maps and re-orientate yourself and get back on track.

However mobile data roaming is expensive, and taking that path can end up costing you. I was travelling in Thailand in 2012 (before you could download offline maps) and we got lost trying to find a restaurant called Nikki Beach in Koh Samui (we had followed the websites directions but kept going around in circles) and ultimately I opened up Google Maps using roaming data to navigate us the last few miles. Lets just say the data usage cost me more than my lunch.

Google now allows you to download an area offline which will remain cached in your phone for 30 days.  

Most maps are 40-60 MB in size. To download an offline area, simply open Google Maps, type in the city /areas name in the search bar and once the area has loaded, hit the menu key (three horizontal lines on the left of the search bar), select “Offline Area” hit the + key at the bottom of the screen to add.

Offline Area’s will only download on a Wifi Connection.

See the detailed help article on Google Support on how to use Google maps offline